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  1. Just no words to describe how much I enjoyed this book ! So glad I glanced at Sarah Hoyt`s website a week ago,found out it was about to be released, and jumped on pre-ordering.If you liked other MHI books you can`t go wrong with this one !

  2. Wow. I mean really good. I like all of the mhi books but this one was the next step up. You should really read the book.

  3. Larry Correia created the MHI universe and wrote the first six books. Sarah Hoyt is not new to MHI, having written a short story about the young Julie Shackleford for the Monster Hunter Files anthology. MHG felt different from the other books, perhaps because it is narrated from the POV of a female protagonist. Quite a bit more angst compared to the blood and guts approach we are used to from Owen. Different style but an excellent book nonetheless. I always avoid spoilers when doing reviews but can`t resist this tiny tidbit – one of my favorite characters from an earlier MHI book that died was resurrected (sort of 🙂 ).I should also mention that Bailey Carr did an outstanding job as narrator. The way she voice the aforementioned resurrected character always made me smile.

  4. Loved the story. Sarah Hoyt was the perfect person to give us the Julie POV. She delivers a perfect follow up to that nasty little tidbit dropped by the Villain at the end of Siege. Definitely worth the pre-order and wait. It was nearly impossible to put the book down, and I can`t see how anyone who honestly likes good storytelling could put it down with ease. Thanks Larry and Sarah for a great story.

  5. As damn near perfect as a story can be. An excellent addition to the Monster Hunter series – very highly recommend.

  6. Julie has always been a great character. It was nice to see her get her own book and shine. This is a continuation of a winning theme that is on my re-read list. Her trials and tribulations were at times a bit hard to imagine as a parent, but, it points out the lengths a parent will go for a child. Well written as always. Sarah Hoyt brings a nice slant to the writing. I would highly recommend.

  7. This was a fantastic addition to the Monster Hunter series. I loved hearing it from Julie’s perspective. I’m also glad we got an update on what happened on Severny Island.

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