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  1. I`ve read all of Ware`s books – liked some better than others. While I really love her writing in this book and I like the story well enough I wasn`t crazy about the plot device of her writing a letter to an attorney. The whole book was the letter! Would the attorney really have read it all? Plus like someone else said – not much happens until the very end of the book. I was also bothered ever since I heard about this book coming out about the obvious title so similar to Turn of the Screw. Not to mention the other similarities – a governess/nanny, ghosts, children, etc. Ruth Ware is too talented to reduce herself to copying Henry James. I enjoyed it for sure – read it in about eight hours – couldn`t put it down – but I was a bit disappointed in it after much build up and waiting for it. My fave of hers is still The Death of Mrs. Westaway.

  2. No spoilers here! I can’t stand spoilers! Even if someone says SPOILER ALERT and the very next sentence is the spoiler, it’s too late, I’ve seen it! I’m definitely a Ruth Ware fan. The first book I read was a book club selection, The Woman in Cabin 10. After that, I went on a Ruth Ware binge. I read this one in one day. I couldn’t put it down. The only bad part is now it have to wonder how long I’ll have to wait for her next one!

  3. A young daycare worker looking to change jobs sees an advertisement for a position as a live-in nanny to four children in a country house in the remote Scottish Highlands. Salary, £50,000 per year. A dream job. Although, in the past year four nannies have quit suddenly, one on her first day and another leaving her belongings in her haste to get out. Also the locals say the house is haunted. And a little girl was killed there a few decades ago. But other than that, a dream job.As in all good gothic novels the young woman of course takes the job. The house turns out to be a cozy, welcoming Victorian country house with a beautiful view. The back of the house is a modern glass addition with a state of the art kitchen. The house is also a super wired up smart house, with an app that controls everything from door locks to lights, music and air vents. And there are lots of cameras.Ruth Ware masterfully sets up the story, then powers it forward with suspicion, clues, misdirection, twists, and red herrings. This created such suspense for me I had to finish it in one day — I just couldn`t wait for the answers! She has written this novel in the form of a letter the protagonist is writing. I thought it would be off-putting but it wasn`t — once I accepted that this was the longest letter ever I became so enmeshed in the story it wasn`t a distraction. I would definitely recommend this book.

  4. Interesting story told in letters from a young woman in prison, accused of killing a child, to a lawyer that she is begging to take her case. She says that she must tell him the whole story from the beginning, and she does. She sees a notice for a live-in nanny for a family in a country manor house, and applies for the job. She interviews and gets the job, and that`s when the story gets really interesting…

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