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  1. All of the stories in this series are worth your afternoon or day to waste away and fall in love. Each has it`s own special romance. Sure, Christmas is in each story one way or another. Best part is, its not ALL about Christmas. I have enjoyed reading them at all different times of the year.All of them are sweet Christian romances. No worries about what you put in front of your eyes or imagine as you read. Just enjoy 🙂

  2. All 4 stories are terrific in this set. I read and reviewed each of these stories and recommend this boxset.

  3. I read all this books as they were released and absolutely loved them. Lot`s of romance and love. I highly recommend the series.

  4. What can I say other than if you have have not read these stories you are missing out. Liz is a fabulous writer and her stories are great. The story lines and characters are the best. You won`t want to put it down.I recommend this set to all who like good clean reading. Grab it while it is on sale. Or if you miss the sale don`t worry they are well worth any price.

  5. All 4 of these stories are Clean Romances with some excitement, joy, fear, and the last one has possible danger.Her Cowboy Billionaire Best Friend, Book 1 {had already read}Her Cowboy Billionaire Bodyguard, Book 4Her Cowboy Billionaire Boss, Book 2Her Cowboy Billionaire Boyfriend, Book 3All worth reading – and these are Books not short stories.

  6. Four wealthy brothers each find their !I`ve partner and begin the next generation midst various trials yet are c!osely bound to on another through values learned from their parents, basic values of hard work, integrity and commitment to God, church, family and community.

  7. Great stories of finding love and family. Each brother finds true love. I like the family traditions that they started as a family.

  8. This boxed set followed the 4 Whitaker brothers as they each found their soulmates. I really loved being able to dive into the next book as soon as I was finished with the one before. Great continuity between the books and they were all such heartwarming stories. I definitely recommend this set for anyone who enjoys clean contemporary romance!

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