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  1. Dead on His Feet is the twelfth book in the Cold Case Psychic series by Pandora Pine. With each book that comes out for this series, I fall deeper and deeper in love with these characters and their story. We are on book twelve and I still want more!When a current crime case leads to a cold case kidnapping with a personal link to Ronan, our fabulous team of investigators and psychics work hard to find the answers. The story has lots of suspense, mystery solving and drama. We also have that wonderful humor you can expect from this series and the strong theme of this built family working together. The story has some good twists and definitely did not disappoint. I`m excited for the future of the series.I received an advanced reader`s copy of the book and I am voluntarily leaving my honest review and recommendation.

  2. After 12 books you would think that author Pandora Pine and her boys would run out of steam, but thank the almighty powers she and they have not!!I seriously don`t know what I would do with out these books in my life. The cases that Ronan and Ten get themselves in have you sitting on the edge of your seat the whole time. The family they have made with their friends especially as they continue to grow. Is so heart warming.I seriously can`t say enough about how wonderful this series is. I will say that if you haven`t read these books yet, you need them in your life!!!!!Dead on His Feet is just another wonderful addition to the world that Pandora Pine has created.

  3. This book reminds me of why I love Pandora Pine books! It was so good!During a shoot-out with the FBI a man is killed and one is captured. Ronan is called in on the case as the body has disappeared from the morgue. His friend Vann Hoffman has called for his help. Thus begins all the twist and turns that are in a Pandora Pine book!Great book! I would recommend this book very much.

  4. I was so happy to be back in the Cold Case universe. Pine has such a gift for creating characters that the reader can bond with and creating a universe that feels real and authentic for the reader. Honest to god I truly feel like I can go to Salem and find Ten and the gang at West Side Magick, stop in and say hi to Frisco at the police station and go seek out Madame Aurora. Then I’d top it off with a relaxing weekend at Sand Dollar Shoal which is mentioned again in this book. (I think we need a crossover story!) Of course I’d be listening to all the boys from Key West on my Sirius/XM radio!In this book a scary piece of Ronan’s childhood comes back to bite him and inspire tremendous feelings of guilt. Both Ten and Ronan are off their games here and of course the rest of the gang steps up to help out with Jude and Cope at the forefront but also needing the help of Cole and Carson and Bertha. Fitzgibbon, still home on paternity leave gets involved too. And of course because there are infants involved we’ve got friends/family like Truman, Greeley and Faulk stepping up for babysitting help. This whole chosen family aspect of these books is one of my favorites and what I think makes the series so strong.The case here involves the missing body of a dead kidnapper and a live kidnap victim (turned kidnapper?) in the form of Ronan’s childhood friend who was kidnapped 25 years ago when they were 7 years old. As they look further into the case they have to, reluctantly, work with FBI agent Cruz Clemente and his new partner.Most of book revolves around the reflections on how Ronan has changed since he met Tennyson, how he sees his life differently and how his various frames are impacting how he’s treating this case. We also get reflections on how Tennyson and Jude have changed as well. An overriding theme is the impact that changes in life circumstance and the people around you impact who you are and what you are. It might sound like naval gazing the way I’m describing it but actually it’s quite thought provoking.Of course the mystery of the kidnappers, and the still missing children, needs to be solved and there is otherworldly and psychic help needed for that to occur. Turns out there’s much more to this than meets the eye and of course Ronan is determined to cut the head off the snake. The climatic moment is tense and I kind of felt like I missed a step somewhere when it winds up. Ronan explains but it seems like he might have mentioned/thought about at least some element of what he thought might happen ahead of time so it didn’t appear to come out of left field. Most regular readers of mystery/suspense will probably figure it out ahead of time. I know I was pretty sure which is why a thought bubble from Ronan wouldn’t have really ruined anything, even a vague one.As usual I was disappointed it was over and I’d now have to wait for what happens next! I do like the alternating stories between Cold Case and Haunted Souls, with the MCs from each playing supporting roles for the other. Pine has created quite a world and I’m so glad I get to be part of it!

  5. Started and finished same day! Couldn`t put it down! Impatiently waiting for next book in the Cold Case series! 🙂

  6. Another brilliant Ronan/Ten story. I have loved them from the beginning, and each story just gets better and better. Pandora is an exceptional storyteller, she knows how to keep you engaged and hungry for the next chapter! Well done!

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