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  1. I received an ARC of this book for my honest review.Matt`s up to his ears in problems, personally as well as professionally. Part of the plot overlaps with book 4, but you don`t have to have read that to enjoy this one.As usual, bad men do bad things, Matt tries to reform them religiously to find god. Most are so evil they choose to fight and get killed. That`s part of Matt`s problem. The lady he`s courting can`t understand the violence he has to resort to to keep the community safe (and for him to stay alive).As usual, the inclusion of religion in the hearts and souls of many of the people is prevalent, but most are most un-Christian in their attitudes. And this is from the good, upstanding citizens.Just know there`s plenty of action in this tale of the late-era old West in Oregon, and plenty of plot and characters.

  2. Matt Banister was looking for a fun weekend with his fiance, but unexpected murders distract and take up his time. A saloon girls comments on making a apple pie for him sets his fiance off in a direction that does not lead to marriage. Meanwhile a crooked, businessman from San Francisco puts a reward on the location of his missing daughter…using fake pinkerton thugs as private police. I`m not a big mystery fan, but the author did a splendid job of keeping this a western story and indeed building a page turner. I was given a ARC for a honest review.

  3. Ken Pratt gives us another excellent read in book five of the western series of Matt Bannister as he is on his travels to combat corruption and plain evil. An outlaw, Pick Lawson finds out that Matt used someone else names as the ones burned up in fire that he has knowledge of. This sets up a sequence of events that almost cost Matt the loss of his beloved, his career. And a good friend. A lot of twist and turns to keep ones interest. I was given an advance copy of this book for my honest review.

  4. I`ve read all 5 of the Matt Banister US Marshal series, and I really like them. Hes not the young tough guy, he is a little older, and it`s a little harder for him to get things done. So he uses his head, instead of his slightly worn out body. You`ll enjoy the story line, as it twists and turned with a little romance thrown in.

  5. Very good a fun reading as it was hard to put down once started. It was a thriller start to finish. Drama, suspense, funny, love, wondering, what’s next. Couldn’t wait for one chapter to end in order to learn what was next. Great book…

  6. The Matt Bannister series of books are all wonderfully written but “The Eckman Exception“ is the very best yet. There is so much adventure and drama that any Western enthusiast will be pleased. The best part for me as a Christian is that I don`t have to cringe at gratuitous sex as with some other authors. There is still plenty of real romance and true love. The “bad guys“ are very bad and the “Good Guys“ are the best. Ken Pratt is as fine of a western author as there is. I can`t wait for his next novel.

  7. More twists and turns than a hike down a trail that`s loaded with switchbacks! Characters are well developed and surrounding land described so well that a reader feels as though they are right there. If you like novels set in the wild west, you will like this one.

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