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  1. Starts off fast and never slows down.Mystery,thrills and suspense .You`ll be seating on the edge of your seat from the very first page until the last.A really good and enjoyable experience.

  2. This is another “edge of your seat” book from Christy Barritt! Brynlee had a difficult childhood, constantly traveling with her mom and not knowing her dad until shortly before his death. She travels to Fog Lake to carry out his last wishes. Boone met Brynlee in his camping/hiking istore and immediately knew she didn’t know anything about hiking up to Dead Man’s Bluff. Of course, Brynlee ignored Boone’s warning about hiking up there alone! What she witnessed on the mountain would change her life and make her a target. Is the creature she saw the Skookum? This is another of Christy’s books that kept me reading long after I needed to stop so I could clean, cook or sleep!

  3. Christy has done it again! This new series is hands down another winner!This 2nd book of the Foggy Lake Series is even better than the 1st. Brynlee is a love starved woman who just recently became wealthy and only wants acceptance and love at last. Boone is an Army Ranger who is home and wants to keep his store open and his heart closed after the death of his wife on their honeymoon. A monster is after her, or is it just a man?This is good writing with well fleshed out characters with complex personalities and backgrounds that you learn about as the story unfolds.If you read this book you will not be disappointed. It grabs you from the 1st page and doesn`t let go till the last page.

  4. Christy Barritt is a wonderful author of romantic suspense. She crafts reoccurring characters that sit and dwell in the reader`s heart for a long time. Luckily, Barritt creates tons of stories with the same characters for readers to really know well. With her latest release Margin of Error, the characters didn`t appear in other novels. They are brand new characters. While I usually have a wonderful time getting lost in the mystery and the hunt for the bad guy, in Margin of Error, that wasn`t the case. I felt a little overwhelmed with the romance and the buildup of that relationship. It seemed to take over the whole story. At certain times, I felt like the mystery wasn`t that important to the story. This story wasn`t written in the typical Barritt style. While I know every story isn`t always going to be a hit out of the park by every author, this just happened to be a miss for Barritt.

  5. Christy is a master of romantic suspense and has ramped it up in Margin of Error. What would you do if you witnessed a brutal murder but had no idea whether it was done by man or beast? What if the one person who can keep you safe isn’t sure they believe you? Brynlee came to Dead Man’s Bluff to fulfill her father’s last wish. How far is she willing to go when she becomes the killer’s next target? Boone has his own issues with Dead Man’s Bluff, but knowing Brynlee could be a target has him laying aside his ghosts to become her personal security. One problem—he isn’t sure she’s being truthful about the reason she’s here. As they each fight their personal demons and growing attraction, the killer is closing in. The antagonist was frightening and the identity of the killer had me guessing until the end. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and stayed up to finish it. I highly recommend this book as one of the best in this genre. No gratuitous sex in this book. It’s all about the story.

  6. Christy Barritt is one of my very favorite authors. This second book in the series is suspenseful and thrilling! I felt like I was climbing the treacherous mountain with the characters as I was reading! The chemistry between characters is great and I`d like to visit Fog Lake and get to know them. I highly recommend any book by Christy Barritt. There is usually a touch of romance, but it enhances, rather than overwhelms, the suspense.

  7. Oh my, I had to stop reading night before last and I was determined to finish reading Margin of Error tonight. What s great suspense book. Not knowing who or what was going to happen next. Stop now and read Brelynn and Boone’s experiences at Dead Man’s Pass. Candy

  8. Intense is the first thing that comes to mind after reading this book. Unlike many of Barritt`s series this one does not have a main character throughout. Looks like she`s focusing on the Wilder Brothers. This book focuses on Boone and he`s just awesome! He`s a good man with a dark past, at least a lot of darkness for him. Brynlee just wants to fulfill her father`s last wishes. The father she`s only known for a short time.I loved the action in this story and how Barritt keys into those enter struggles that all of us face from time to time.She also did a great job of keeping me guessing on who was actually behind everything.The nice thing about this series is you don`t have to read them in order. You can start with book 2.Great read and I hope we see brother #3 soon!

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