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  1. The main components are there with the opera, the Phantom and the mystery,  but there`s also a twist to it with Christian instead of Christine and with an ending that is much more satisfying.The poetry of the writing is beautiful and I love everything from the longing and pining to the hurt and betrayal but most of all the love between Erik and Christian.

  2. The author painted a fantastical story with beautifully sculpted words. The vivid world drew me in from the start. It was a wonderful place to get immersed in. It was filled with love, loss and angst. It may have been the retelling of Phantom of the Opera but I feel the author made the story his own with more than enough twists and turns with a happy ending..

  3. While this is technically a retelling of the magnificent Phantom of the Opera, I thoroughly enjoyed it in its own beauty. The characters were brought to life and captured my heart from the moment they were introduced, and while the story is brought to life from a dark place, and darkness comes and goes throughout, the beauty and rawness of the emotions created is just beautiful.Christian lost his hero, his father and teacher, when he was far too young. Eventually, he was taken on by an opera house in Paris, where he did small roles and behind the scenes work. His father`s dream that he find peace and happiness in his music had started to vanish as Christian let his talent go to waste and settled for what he had. That was, until the Angel of Music his father had promised to send, found him in his attic hideaway. That was the day his life began to transform, even if Christian wasn`t aware of it himself.Erik was born with a disfigurement that ruled his life from the moment of his birth. After abuse and ridicule, he was sent to a new from of hell, even though a young child still. He grew up with self-loathing and a resentment towards most people who had the misfortune of crossing his path. That was, until he saw perfection on the stage of his opera house, and he had one goal in mind: to mold this creature into the powerful Angel he knows is inside.Along the way, a childhood friend of Christian`s shows up and brings a happy warmth and nostalgia with him. However, his role in the story is a constantly evolving thing; one that starts off as bright and loving, but eventually leads to unexpected darkness and pain.The love story is beautifully written, and I could almost hear a strain of the music in my head as I read about the give and take of trust, confidence, and power. As the story unfolds, there are moments of light and shadow, but the unwavering devotion in the end made everything worth the pain and pleasure. Christian and Erik find their unexpected HEA, and it is a beautiful thing.Happy reading!* I received an ARC of this book and I am leaving my honest review. *

  4. Christian used to love music above everything but his father. When his father died, Christian was lost. Losing his connection to music, he drifted along, content to be in the background at the Paris Opera House. When the Angel of Music Christian’s father promised he would send appeared, suddenly Christian needed the music again.Erik/The Phantom, has never heard a voice so perfect. He poured his damaged soul into creating an opera just for Christian. Knowing he was giving his heart away, certain his muse would be sickened if he ever saw his face.The supporting characters were nice. Didn’t like Raoul, he was just as unlikable here with a nasty bent.I have been in love with Phantom since the first time I heard the soundtrack. I was afraid this book might not work. However I can say this telling was almost perfect. The music swirled around in my head as I read it. Creating a story with a lot of heart and depth.I’ve read several books that were the retelling of a well known story featuring M/M. This is by far the best one.(If the reader hasn’t seen or heard Phantom, don’t worry about it. This book stands well on its own).

  5. Thank you for the ARC read, I voluntarily give this book an honest review. Paris 1889 on stage was the dream for Christian, singing was his passion until he dressed up as Christine.  When his father passed he lost his drive for the stage life. When a mysterious angel a voice in the walls appears to help him leading him to preform like his old self. Can Christian trust him? Erik lets him believe that he is all things good only here to help but his motives are more then just to help Christian he wants to possess the young man in all ways. When the mask comes off can Christian see the true dept of his feelings. When an old flame shows up will it push Erik to finally come out of hiding or will it push him further in the darkness? Angels come in many forms some when you least expect it. I just loved this new form of the phantom of the opera. It has so much emotional feeling tied up in it from drama, tragiced to wonderment. Great job on revamping the story, a high recommendations for love story.

  6. Omg, I am reduced to a hollow shell after reading this!! Raoul, I curse you!!! You broke a beautiful young man and his memories of you and his trust! A cherished love was almost taken from Christian twice! Unfair, you scoundrel! The love between Chris and Erik was tender and fragile and grew into an all encompassing comforting protective warm hug. Betrayals, and traps, but love conquers all. Must read and experience this work of art!!! I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book and am giving an honest review.

  7. Quite the retelling of a classic. True to this author’s form he took the story and made it his own. Similar yet so different. Familiar but yet not completely recognizable. The main characters, the story follows closely and delivers a story that is intriguing and keeps you reading to see how the conclusion compares. This author has done a job that, once again, shows his talent and adaptability. Eric and Christian are the stars here in The Masquerade. I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book.

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