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  1. Roman is an ex Army Ranger he left Teddy heart broken years ago when he joined the Army. Teddy is a computer engineer working on and artificial intelligence program when his boss demotes him he is so upset he tells Roman what happened. The men are in a friends with benefits relationship and the more they see each other feelings they tried to hide come out because they never stopped loving each other.Roman is given the opportunity for a promotion but he must move to Montana. Teddy is facing several troubling events and a move to Montana isn`t something he wants. Roman is ready to move ahead with their relationship taking it to another level after learning he will become a father. Teddy feels like all he has worked for is ending as an omega he feels cheated of a chance at a career he finds fulfilling.The men argue they are keeping the pregnancy secret but an encounter with Teddy`s father makes Rowan realize all decisions should be as partners he begins to understand Teddy`s feelings and is supportive promising to have his back. Teddy is working on a project he intends to branch out from his current employment and receives help from a coworker. Montana is in their future, a baby is on the way, and Teddy is given a chance to prove himself as a gifted computer engineer.Great story awesome characters full of love, family, friendships and the issues that arise as two men in love navigate their relationship and their interactions with everyone they care about.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  2. Teddy had always been super smart. Even though he was older, Roman felt like he would be following Teddy – except college was no place for him. So off he went with Jason, brother to Teddy, and Garret to war.No one came back the same. Jason never came back at all, completely destroying his plans with Charlie for a life, family and future with each other.Garett came back with one less arm, yet he and Silas managed to work things out. Marco fought to keep his brother Pedro on life support, certain he would someday wake up.Roman came back with scars and grafts over 40 percent of his body. He never wanted to bring ugly to Teddy, and he failed to bring home Jason. How long would it take for them both to realize that Roman never stopped loving Teddy?Teddy works very hard to get ahead in an alpha dominated field. Would love or a family mean sacrificing his dreams and career?Sometimes love is even more complicated than we make it.Steamy m/m romance- great portrayal of the conflicts with the balance of work, family and military life.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  3. I fell in love with Roman from the get go. This is a man who has his physical scars from war which make him feel less than the man he was before but the emotional scars of what he lost along the way are far worse than any physical scars he has. He and Teddy had a great relationship when they were younger but once Roman was deployed he didn`t know how to keep in touch with Teddy without causing him to worry so he just stopped communicating which caused Teddy a lot of pain. Now he is back and Teddy`s dad is his commanding officer and has forbidden the two from getting involved but old feelings run deep and despite Teddy`s hopes and dreams the two cannot seem to stay away but when Roman`s career takes a turn will he and Teddy be able to reach a compromise? The thing I loved about Roman is his infinite patience and the way he dealt with Teddy and put him above everything. Loved the characters as well as the story and look forward to more in this series.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  4. i read this book as part of an arc program. This is the second chance romance between Teddy and Roman. They had dated secretly in school and were in love until Roman left to join the military. Teddy was an omega who was raised along with his brother Jason by his alpha father who was an officer in the military and treated Teddy like he was an alpha. Teddy worked for Department of Defense and was also building a device to help soldiers in combat. Teddy never wanted to be the typical omega and find an alpha to have babies with. Teddy wanted his career and was heartbroken when Roman left. Roman served with Teddy`s brother Jason and when Jason was killed, Roman was also injured. Now six years later, Roman re-enlists and takes a position as a drill sergeant with the agreement he stay away from Teddy when asked by Teddy`s father. Roman still loves Teddy and when they see each other, there is still an attraction they can`t fight. They want to keep things a secret for now and worry about what would happen if word was out they were together. Teddy worries he could lose his job and his father would take things out on Roman. I liked this book. I liked Roman, even if he didn`t have the best self esteem. I think Teddy was a little stubborn and worried about things too much. I think Roman was all in and loved Teddy and thought they would be together. Teddy seemed to be only treating things as temporary and thought Roman was going to leave him again so he held back. I think they were great together and had a great connection. Another great one.

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