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  1. Tracie Peterson`s 100th book is an absolute most read. She brings character names into the story and characters from past books to bring this new story to life. She did an absolute wonderful job at bringing Marty and Jake`s relationship together after marrying for society reasons instead of love! One thing I did not like is they left us hanging about the gold certificate Marty`s maid has been questioned about. I know this is a series and I am expecting the continuation of this mystery to come together in the next book!

  2. I enjoyed this book but was a bit disappointed that it didn`t have more of an ending on what was to happen to Marty and Jake. Would the bank close… Would they stay in Colorado….. Would they go back to Texas…? It had an ending but not a complete one to my liking. In a way,I guess it wasn`t a cliffhanger. Even tho book 2 will be Alice`s story, there will be more about Marty and Jake. So I will have my questions answered.

  3. I enjoyed this story about starting over. Jake and Marty`s story was not long enough. I wish more had been written to complete their story. I wanted so much more. I`m hoping that there will be more about them in the next book. I enjoyed this book enough to read the next book in the series.

  4. Hard to put down. Marty & Jake`s struggles resonate true throughout. Learning to love again as well as find their way back to trusting the Lord through it all made them relatable & real. Highly recommend. Would have loved an epilogue

  5. A Sensible Arrangement by Tracie Peterson is an enjoyable historical romance novel. I enjoyed Ms. Peterson’s character driven plot. Not to be a spoiler, I will refrain from revealing too much of the story between Marty Dandridge Olson and Jake Wylie and the saga of their marriage of convenience. As this is the first book of a series, Ms. Peterson takes her time introducing us to each of her characters and laying the groundwork for the series. I felt the plot line was credible. Thus, the characters are, in their own way, adorable; but, flawed. Their theme is one of a quest for forgiveness and new beginnings. I also appreciated the secondary characters. She uses them to add intrigue and mystery into her plot line. We get to know them in this story and want to know what happens to them in their own stories.As this book falls in the historical romance genre, I appreciated the fact that Ms. Peterson did her research. The setting is in Denver, Colorado in the 1890s. Ms. Peterson used the banking industry and the Panic of 1893 as part of her background. My curiosity was peaked so I did a google search and she captured the essences of that time. She accomplishes this through her use of dialog. I also appreciated her descriptive language with regard to the opulent lifestyle of Denver’s aristocracy. This was a good read and I would recommend it to fans of historical romances.

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