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  1. Simply Marvelous.If you grew up watching Mister Rogers and felt that his life made yours better, then you already knew that his faith, though quiet, was the animating principle behind his ability to connect with others. I cried several times in reading this book. The writer really captured his spirit through the pages.For fans of Mister Rogers and people that long for a kinder, gentler version of Christianity than what we see sold in America today. We could all stand to be nicer and a better neighbor to our fellow man. Mister Rogers simply pointed the way to a life of service and love, bound together by faith in the Almighty creator of the world, who taught us how to love.

  2. Some books are designed to be clever or entertaining. This book is beyond either of those. It is nourishing. While you could read it all in one sitting, it may be wise to read a chapter at a time and reflect on each one. Beautifully done, wonderful, and gentle.

  3. What a wonderful book about a treasured hero of kindness. Amy wrote a beautiful story about her friendship with Mr. Rogers, detailing personal messages shared in their many years of letter-writing. What an experience, to share in their communication and see deeper into the heart and mind of such a wonderful man. Thank you, Amy, for this gift. I cried quite a few times – what a treasure is the legacy of Mr. Rogers – a shining of example of humanity exuding kindness and love.

  4. Further confirms that Mister Rogers was one of the good ones. He was spiritual, but didn`t force his values on anyone. Instead, he lived his own truths, and was always open to learning from others. He tried to find the best in each individual, and celebrated that individuality. He taught his viewers that it was okay to feel, both the good and the bad emotions. His life, his wholehearted care, was an example until the very end, and his legacy lives on through the millions of lives he touched through his show.This book may have only earned a four-star rating — I would have liked to see more from his actual letters (and there were some weird formatting issues in the Kindle edition) — but Fred Rogers was no doubt a five-star man.

  5. Just saw the movie "Won`t You Be My Neighbor" and this is a wonderful compliment to the story of Mister Rogers. I know he had a strong faith, but this book highlights so many of his beautiful attributes. His whole attitude was to be with people and help them see their own worth. We certainly need more people like him in this world right now!

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed this peek into the heart behind the cardigan. It may be one of my favorite reads of the year.A few quotes:“If we can learn to wait through the “natural silences” of life, he liked to say, we will be surprised by what awaits us on the other side.““I don’t think of myself as somebody who’s famous. I’m just a neighbor who comes and visits children; [I] happen to be on television. But I’ve always been myself. I never took a course in acting. I just figured that the best gift you could offer anybody is your honest self….““Help us to remember all through our lives that we never need to do difficult things alone, that Your presence is simply for the asking and our ultimate future is assured by Your unselfish love.“

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