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  1. This is the most powerful book I`ve read all year! Walsh writes such authentic characters dealing with such realistic issues that you can see yourself or someone close to you in at least one of the characters and/or situations. I don`t think I`ve ever read a book where I felt so much empathy for so many characters while at the same time seeing glimpses into my own life and the lives of some of my close friends.This book will make you examine your own life and how you`ve chosen to accept, deny, or questions God`s grace in your life. It will also remind you that forgiveness can be given immediately but isn`t always felt as quickly deep down inside.There are so many relatable characters in this story – which is really a combination of many people`s stories that intertwine – that I truly believe this book will be a great connection for anyone. I really loved the vast cast that included married and single, older and younger, and strong Christians and those growing in their faith. The diversity in so many areas led me to lots of soul searching about both my past and present.Usually, when I`m reading a book I can figure out what will happen because books tend to be predictable. This book was truly anything but predictable. I loved how more than once Walsh surprised me with a different scene than I was expecting. Multiple times she completely shocked me with what happened next in the story. But these moments were the most powerful in the whole book. And she included so many without ever making me feel like the book was overwhelmingly full of big moments. Everything just worked so well among all the characters and all their stories.I cried twice in this book. It was simply so beautiful, powerful, and honestly gut-wrenching at times. It truly spoke to me about the importance of time with God in prayer, treasuring family and friendships, and being honest with yourself and those you love.This book will definitely be on my top reads of 2018 list!I received an advanced copy of this book through NetGalley. This is my honest review and after I finished reading I pre-ordered the book because it was so good.

  2. This story surprised me more than once. What I expected to be a story of friendship, summertime memories, and the way the past shapes identities became so much more with every new secret revealed and emotional layer pulled back. Courtney Walsh has penned (another) beautiful story of GRACE. Of how important it is to belong and be known, and to forgive… even if it`s about forgiving yourself.I enjoyed how the pace of the story allowed for time to get to know the characters, especially Lyndie, in their current frames of mind before events pulled them all together in the same town. This timeline starts to paint a picture of the past and hints at the baggage each of them carries.Courtney Walsh always manages to write relatable and even flawed characters, and Lyndie, Tucker, Elle, and Karen are all representative of the struggles we face. When you read this story, you WILL relate to at least one of them, whether their pain, grief, complacency, self-confidence struggles, or possibly the honesty, faith, and positive steps to growth call out to your heart.I won`t give away any plot points or heart-wrenching secrets (you will have to discover them when you read this story) but I will say that this story deals with some sensitive issues. All of them have to do with the fallout of choices and mistakes, some of them long-buried or years in the making. Courtney Walsh`s straightforward style handles this sensitively and realistically which further proves her place on my must-read authors list! I went from laughing to crying and experiencing every emotion in between while reading! I highly recommend this book to women`s fiction fans or of authors like Katie Ganshert, Jennifer Rodewald, Amy Matayo, and Katherine Reay.Thank you to the author for the advance copy of this book. This is my honest review.

  3. Courtney Walsh`s Things Left Unsaid is a poignant, powerful story about various characters` reactions to the death of their childhood friend Cassie. Most of the people who knew her feel some sort of guilt in connection with her death and have been blaming themselves and hiding their shame for years. One of the girlfriends returns to the town where these girls knew each other and spent summers together to marry her sweetheart. This convergence in town for the wedding caused each to face his/her fears and shame and to emerge having been forgiven and having forgiven himself or herself. A couple of the characters become committed Christians deeply connected to Jesus and, having experienced their own forgiveness, can help share it with the others. This is an excellent book with meaningful issues and a bright resolution. I listened to it on an MP3 CD skillfully and beautifully performed by Jess Nahikian. I highly recommend the book!!!

  4. WOW! This book is amazing! It may be my absolute favorite read of 2019. I have been meaning to get to this book for months and I am sorry it took me this long to get to it. Having lost two of my best friends, this book resonated with me in many ways. I didn`t lose my friends the way Cassie was lost but still I know that trauma all too well and I could definitely empathize with Lyndie and Elle. This book brought me to tears on more than one occasion and is beautifully written. As soon as I finished it, I immediately handed it to my Mom to read and she has already started it as well. I literally could not put this story down, once I started it-I read it in barely 24 hours-and I would have finished it sooner if life didn`t keep creeping in demanding my attention. I can not say enough good things about this book. I read the audio/kindle versions but I have already purchased a paperback copy for my keeper shelf. Rest assured I will be reading this one again-multiple times!

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