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  1. My husband and I started our debt free journey with The Total Money Makeover on audio book. How I wish we had the benefit of this workbook when we started the baby steps. I believe in Dave Ramsey`s program for financial freedom so much that I`ve purchased two of these workbooks and two of the hard copy books The Total Money Makeover and gave them to two of the ladies I work with. I purchased the Financial Peace University home study kit and gifted that to my sister and brother-in-law a few months back. If I`m able to help any of them even begin thinking about beginning their debt free journeys then it was money spent very well. Needless to say, I highly recommend this workbook and all of the financial management tools produced by Dave Ramsey and his team.

  2. Ramsey’s writing style is clear and easy to read. Humorous as well. My spouse and I are enjoying his financial tips. They work as well.

  3. If you have the book (I have the audio book) this is pointless. I thought it would have great budgeting worksheets-nope. I wish the description would`ve said that they have the same info. I`ll just buy a budgeting book instead – actually I`ll make a budgeting binder!!

  4. I provide these as gifts to young people. Many of them have paid off their school loans and made wise choices on housing.

  5. I found many of the exercises in this workbook useful for further understanding personal financing. The chapter on retirement is particularly useful.I purchased the Kindle version of the book, but as I read through it, I wish I purchased the paper version instead to mark up and complete the exercises. Nevertheless, I just highlighted passages in the Kindle version and copied and pasted selected exercises in my digital journal so that I can review them later.While the Makeover workbook is must read for personal finance management, I disagree with Ramsey on the advice of paying with cash. As a three-year user of the YouNeedaBudget.com budget-to-zero method, I have disciplined myself to use my two credit cards like debit cards. Because I use the YNAB application to budget, I pay off my credit balances every month, sometimes a a few times a mouth, because I don`t allow my balances to go over 30% of my credit line, to maintain a credit score. By using the cards instead of cash, I can keep track of every dollar I spend, and I can effectively budget for all my monthly and future expenses. Plus I get reward points for using the cards.The Makeover Workbook is useful for thinking about money management (seriously avoid debt like a plague), but YNAB is the tool than can help you build a budgeting discipline. YNAB has helped me save thousands of dollars even though I have relatively limited freelance, contract income.

  6. Listen to this guy DAVE RAMSEY on PODCAST, you will be hooked!! Follow this book like MANY MANY MANY other people and you will get pumped like his TONS of his followers. They are testimonial that this works. No gimmicks just pure facts and straight forward easy to follow information. I never write reviews but this book has been a big deal to me. I read in 4 days and put my chores on hold. I would have to say the workbook seems to be sort of redundant based on the book so I don`t totally think its necessary if you want to save money. The workbook is good though. If you can`t afford the book tune in to his podcasts because you won`t be sorry!! To Dave Ramsey, thank you for starting a fire in me!

  7. This is a new way to look at facing down debt and helping you to live within a budget. It is plain english and contains real stories of folks who have used this plan. I am currently working this plan. I recommend this book to anyone struggling with their finances.

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