Free products:Red Heart Super Saver Yarn, Real Teal – reviews Amazon

Red Heart Super Saver Yarn, Real Teal

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100% Acrylic
Red heart super saver solid yarn
Made of 100-percent acrylic medium worsted material
Available for 5-mm knitting needle and 5.5-mm crochet hook
Available in real teal color
Measures 364-yards length

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  1. I had some of this yarn and needed more …matched perfect. this shall done in no time at all..great yarn to work with.

  2. Red Heart Super Saver is great for amigurumi (toys) and afghans. Personally I prefer wool for wearable items, but I have used RHSS to make things for people that were allergic to wool on occasion. RHSS is my go-to yarn for acrylic. Amazon sells it at the same price as my local stores; so, considering gas, it saves me money to buy it using prime shipping. Amazon also has a much better color selection.Some things to keep in mind:Yarn that is made at different times, will be slightly different colors. That`s just the nature of yarn. To avoid having a visible place where you joined a new skein, you can alternate skeins when you join a new one – do a few rows with the first skein, then a few rows with the second, for awhile.All monitors are different, so there`s no way to show you a 100% accurate picture of the colors of yarn. Amazon`s colors are quite accurate on my screen, though.This is a worsted weight yarn, but it`s on the thicker side of worsted weight, more like aran weight. This is what makes it great for amigurumi, in my opinion, since those need to be dense. But if you`re making something that needs to be a specific size, check your gauge first. Some colors of RHSS are thinner than others, so again, check your gauge.If it`s splitting a lot, you may be pulling the yarn in the wrong direction. RHSS is wound to be pulled from the center. On the label, it has an "A" and a "B" with arrows. On the side labeled "A", make sure the outside strand of the yarn is out of the skein. Sometimes it`s worked its way out before the yarn gets to you, but you may have to pull it out. On the side labeled "B", you need to find the other end of the yarn that`s in the center of the skein. Pull that out, and knit/crochet from that side. If you did that and it`s still splitting a lot, it`s possible the label came off somewhere along the way and was put back on upside-down – try putting the center strand back in the middle, and pulling it out through the other end.The multi colored skeins are smaller (in amount of yarn) than the solid colored skeins.RHSS is a bit course/stiff at first, but it softens up nicely after a wash.If you keep these things in mind, you`ll have a great experience with Red Heart Super Saver!

  3. Great yarn for large projects! this is not the kind of yard you want to use for soft projects (like a baby blanket or a cozy sweater) but i think it`s suitable for large bedspreads/blankets like the one i made using this yard (see picture). I found it very easy to work with and i`m not exactly what you would call an expert in crocheting. The bedspread shown is the most intricate project i`ve done so far, took 2 months to complete.TIP: if you think the yarn is too rough or scratchy after you have finished your project, soak it in cold water, fabric softener and cheap hair conditioner (any brand will do) and it will be a bit softer after rinsing it! i did this with my bedspread.

  4. Red Heart yarn is a good value but it isn`t as soft as some other brands such as Vanna`s Choice Yarn. I still like this yarn but found it a bit scratchy after working with the softer Vanna`s Choice on other projects. One thing I have noticed with Red Heart yarn is that the darker more saturated the color, the stiffer the yarn is. However, it does soften after being washed. The color is rich, deep, and consistent throughout the skein. I used 3 skeins in the small burgundy lap blanket I made and 5 skeins of lavender in the bunny shawl and there was no difference in color from one to the next. You can`t tell where one ended and I picked up the next. Working with this yarn was nice as it didn`t split and its thickness did not vary. As it is acrylic it machine washes and dries (over and over again) like a dream.

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