Free products:Santitas White Corn Tortilla Chips, 11 Ounce – reviews Amazon

Santitas White Corn Tortilla Chips, 11 Ounce

11.0 oz. bag of SANTITAS Tortilla  Chips
Tasty tortilla chips for your next party snack
Pair with your favorite FRITO LAY dip and salsa
Gluten free product
Our snacks have a shelf life of 60-90 days so most of our packages only show the month & day of expiration (e.g. “Aug 18” means August 18th, not August 2018). For optimum flavor and freshness, we recommend the snack be consumed by the date on the package.

5 thoughts on “Free products:Santitas White Corn Tortilla Chips, 11 Ounce – reviews Amazon”

  1. Taste great but the bags are used as air pillows whenever I order something. As a result, the chips are all busted up. I like the taste of Santitas chips but I really don`t care to eat Santitas dust. I will not order these or anything else that comes in a plastic bag when ordering heavy objects, such as cans or bottles. Amazon has done this to me twice and I have complained to them about this and sent them pictures.

  2. This was a great buy! They are less expensive than most other brands and just as good. Some of the chips at the bottom were more smashed than I anticipated but overall this worked out very well. Would def buy again!

  3. I love these chips! Even though they`re the Frito Lay "low cost" item in their line of chips, I think they are excellent. Very crisp, fresh, and tasty. And you can`t beat the price. I like them better than the more expensive ones. They are so good I often just snack on them alone, but they are also great with refried beans, cheese and salsa and all the other usual fare. Just yummy chips!A big thumbs up from me. Super good for the low price.

  4. Forget expensive chips, Santitas are our go-to chips. We eat these at dinner with far too many different things. These are strong, thick chips that don`t break when you stick up into a good guacamole. To the Santitas family: you have done a good thing for the world.

  5. Feb. 25, 2018 These are terrific! They were $2.00 a bag February 2018 order. We are tired of purchasing flavorless tortilla chips so thought we`d just try these for the price. They have a great flavor and nice saltiness which is so good. We will purchase again with pleasure as long as price doesn`t now sky rocket. Wonderful product!

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