Free products:Therm O Web PeelnStick Fabric Fuse Tape 5/8 Inch x 20 Feet (3346) – reviews Amazon

Therm O Web PeelnStick Fabric Fuse Tape 5/8 Inch x 20 Feet (3346)

Fabric Fuse is a washable, double-sided press-on adhesive specifically designed for fabric
No sewing or ironing needed…simply press-on and go
Perfect for hems and home decor
Permanent, instant bond, press-on, double-sided adhesive
5/8 in x 6.67 yards (16 mm x 6.1 m)

6 thoughts on “Free products:Therm O Web PeelnStick Fabric Fuse Tape 5/8 Inch x 20 Feet (3346) – reviews Amazon”

  1. Used this to hem the sleeves of a leotard that were too long. It worked very well and is more than sticky enough to hold the fabric. One issue I had is I could not for the life of me get my fingernail in to peel off the paper backing. I had to get my roommate to help me, and it took her a while as well. When you use it, you may want to have a buddy to help you lay out the fabric and apply the tape where you want it. It is VERY sticky and it`s easy to have it stick somewhere you don`t intend, or stick to itself if you are not careful. But in the end it did what I needed, so I`m satisfied with it.

  2. This tape is great for hemming too-long slacks, and too-long shirtsleeves (since manufacturers make relatively few 3/4 length, I must make my own). I find it better than the predecessor product, iron-on tape. Should it fail, it`s always possible to hand-stitch at the point of failure, though so far that has not been necessary.

  3. This is truly a time saving product. No more hemming pants. I have washed my jeans several times and the hem is still holding. Repairs are fast, easy and permanent.

  4. Used this stuff to hem 12 curtain panels. Worked great, would purchase again.

  5. I used this tape to hem heavy 96 inch curtains. I have to admit I let the tape sit on the counter for a few days because I was afraid it wasn`t going to turn out very well but to my surprise it did a fabulous job and I didn`t have to drag out my iron or even ask anyone for help. I did a total of 6 curtain panels and used 2 rolls of tape. The material is very sticky but the first curtain I did when I went to pull the backing off of the tape the tape started coming up as well so I learned quickly to rub over the backing by firmly pressing it down to ensure it sticks before pulling off your backing. I just used the scissor handles and rubbed it back and forth until I felt like the sticky side had time to adhere to my fabric. I am going to order some more of this tape to keep on hand!

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