Free products:Camco 25' PowerGrip Heavy-Duty Outdoor 30-Amp Extension Cord for RV and Auto | Allows for Additional Length to Reach Distant Power Outlets | Built to Last (55191) – reviews Amazon

Camco 25' PowerGrip Heavy-Duty Outdoor 30-Amp Extension Cord for RV and Auto | Allows for Additional Length to Reach Distant Power Outlets | Built to Last (55191)

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Safe and Durable Construction: Extension cord is constructed with 100% copper wiring coated with a heavy duty flame retardant, heat resistant PVC sheath that serves as protection from outdoor elements, wear and tear. Listed with CSA
High Conductivity with a Flexible and Sleek Design: Bendable extension cord adapter allows easy conversion from a standard 30 Amp male to 30 Amp female. Rated for 30 Amp – 125 Volts. Constructed with 10 gauge wires for greater conductivity
Hassle Free PowerGrip Plug: The patented PowerGrip handle eliminates frustration by assisting users in safely and conveniently gripping, plugging, and unplugging the male and female ends without straining or damaging the cord
Extended Length: Extends 25 feet long to provide sufficient length needed to reach distant power outlets and sources
Multiple Uses: The PowerGrip Brand by Camco develops superior quality electrical equipment. Our extension cords and adapters provide excellent use at campsites, electric car charging stations and other outdoor use. Our products are compatible with most RVs, campers, trailers, and vehicles

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  1. While the official line is to not use any extension cord with the Tesla UMC/EVSE for charging the Model S, I`m concerned that there will be a time that the 18` cord just won`t be long enough. This is a very well made, heavy duty (6 gauge) extension cord, the handles are convenient and it works perfectly well with no warning alerts or anything of that sort when used on the Model S. Can pull a full 40amps continuous without overheating or any warnings.Will be a great backup when traveling.It is very heavy, as you might expect.

  2. Very good quality power cord for the money. Fast 2 day Prime shipping. With RV cords, the terminations and plugs are what makes the difference as to whether it lasts or not. The Camco terminations also seem to be firm-fitting and will last better the one I`m replacing because they won`t have arcing that can cause heat and early failure. They also sell the terminations if you need to replace at some point in the future. You just need to have some base electrical tools like wire stripper, screwdriver and lineman`s pliers. I`d buy again, and for the price a good buy!

  3. I`m pleased with this cord. It has some heft to it, and the handle on the end that goes to the electrical connection at the pedestal makes it a lot easier to plug in, as the handle isn`t too small and isn`t too large. The handle is a nice addition, especially for a plug as heavy and large as a 50 AMP plug and cord is. The twist end that connects to our trailer is also snug and connects well, so I feel confident that no water is getting inside the plug to short it out. As for the cord itself, at first it was a little stiff, but after it was in the sun for a few days, it softened up a bit which made it easier to maneuver. The fabric handle snaps that come with the cord are a nice touch. It keeps the cords neatly wound together and the handle makes the cord easier to carry. I have several camco items and so far I`ve been happy with the quality of each of the products I have bought of theirs. I definitely recommend this cord to others.

  4. I got an email from Camping World telling me about a sale on these extension cords. I looked at their site and they wanted about $140. I really needed the cord and almost ordered from them, but I checked Amazon first. Surprise: It was lots cheaper here. Yay. Deal done.This is a great cord. My stock 50A power cord that came with my fifth wheel is too short to reach to my house and plug in and charge my coach batteries. I`ve used other extension cords, but they sometimes get hot–especially if I don`t completely uncoil them. So now I use this Camco extension to reach the outlet in my garage. Even though the garage outlet is only a 20A breaker, it`s still a more efficient charge and safer connection to use the stock cord, plus this extension, plus the dog-bone adapter to reduce down to the 110 outlet. The connections are clean and I get the best charge I can possibly get from that outlet. As long as I don`t run the air conditioner or any other heavy appliances, I won`t trip the breaker in the house panel.This cord is constructed well. The ends are good and easy to plug/unplug. The Velcro carrying handle is a big help too. Well done.

  5. I needed the way to lose my Tesla charger closer to the garage door so I can charge outside. Well instead of having an electrician come and spending hundreds of dollars to put in the new outlet or move my existing Outlet this extension cord was the perfect solution. I charge my Tesla through this at 40 amps it doesn`t get warm or hot to the touch even after hours of charging so the wire is good quality. Also it`s nice to have 4 trips with an electric vehicle 220 mobile charger 220 plugs aren`t always outside and easily accessible. If you have an electric vehicle and don`t think you`ll ever need something like this take my advice it`s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

  6. Although Tesla recommends against the use of extension cords for charging it’s vehicles, I would make an exception for this item. It is a beast! Heavy, thick conductor construction is used throughout. I am using it at home to charge my Tesla Model 3 with the mobile charge adapter that came with the car. There is no problem whatsoever. I measured less than 1 volt drop from end to end when charging at 32 amps. The cord is rated at 50 amps, so there is extra current carrying capacity I’m not using. The Tesla charging adapter gets warm with 32 amps, but this extension cord does not. I’m very happy to have this item. If your Tesla charging adapter is too short to reach to your NEMA 14-50 wall socket, this is your easy instant solution!

  7. While traveling across the US, we`ve encountered a couple of RV camp sites with no power service (30 amp or more) within the 25 feet reach of our standard RV cord and a level, or nearly so, parking area. This extension did the trick! With various adapters that I bought separately we can use this to connect to 15Amp (using a 30 to 15 A adapter, with limited use of line power (no A/C or heat pump), full capability for our 25 foot class C with 30 Amp service (no adapters), or use a 50 Amp with a 50 to 30 adapter for full function on the larger available power connection.Beats running the generator or suffering in the heat when power is available but our of reach!Note: this product is pretty heavy and substantial so make sure you have space for it!

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