Free products:CTEK (56-304) Comfort Connect Extension Cable, 8.2 Feet – reviews Amazon

CTEK (56-304) Comfort Connect Extension Cable, 8.2 Feet

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Designed to help you reach your CTEK battery charger
High quality and easy to connect
Connections are weather proof
Fits UC 800, MULTI US 3300, MULTI US 7002, US 0. 8, MUS 4. 3, and MURS 7. 0 battery chargers
8. 2 feet long extension

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  1. This specialized slender extension cord works perfectly. The ends are idiot-proof and can only mate one way with the charger unit or with other cables. These cables latch securely, but disconnect immediately when pressing a thumb plate. Note that the extension cords are only usable with CTEK chargers and cables.This cord can be slender, because it is carrying a relatively small current from the charger to your car, boat, generator, etc. battery. The less desirable alternative is to use a heavy, thick extension cord from the wall outlet to the charger. This would be necessary because of the greater current going the cord.

  2. Wanted to get the wiring for my CTEK 3300 cleaned up and reclaim a 50` heavy duty extension cord I`d been using on the AC side of the battery maintainer, so I pulled the trigger on this `Comfort Connect` (aka 12V/cigarette lighter) extension cable. As always, it arrived in two days thanks to Prime.What can I say? It`s an extension cable and it works like a champ.If you`re currently using the `Comfort Connect` adapter for your CTEK maintainer and need an extension cable, this is the item for you.

  3. This allowed me to charge my Honda Accord while its still under the car cover in my garage. When you connect to the CTEK you end up close to 10` of cord. I love the design of these cables and the connectors fit so snug.

  4. This was purchased in order to store a car in the garage during the winter. Performed flawlessly. Had zero issues for almost 4.5 continuous months. Used it in conjunction with the CTEK (56-158) MULTI US 3300 the CTEK (56-263) Comfort Connect Cig Plug.

  5. Just what I needed, purchased a CTEK 560352 to connect to the car battery, mounted the CTEK Battery Tender on the wall close to the AC outlet, and used the extension cord to connect the two.Made cable management a breeze, the added resistance load due to the longer cable was a concern but the Battery Tender so far has been able to cycle through it`s various charging/tender modes without any issues. Will keep an eye on the tender to see if the longer cable has any effects in regards to longevity.

  6. This is a great extension and you will need this unless you plan to run your unit on the ground with an extension cord which would actually cost more than $10 OR you have one of those super clean garages with no kids stuff piled up all over and the car is nowhere near being pointed right at an electrical outlet. Mine was about 3 feet short so I`d have to banjo the cable across our bikes and risk it getting knocked off.. This did the trick. I just wish they went ahead and included this in the original kit because you`re going to need it. I give it 4 starts because it`s a $1.00 cord that costs $10 so the value isn`t great.

  7. I bought two of these cables so I can charge my battery while my truck sits in my driveway. I use one extension when I can get close enough to the overhead door, I add the second when it is a little further back (leaving room to get my trash / recycling cans and other stuff in and out of my garage). So far both work as intended, and no problems when using two extensions together.

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