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  1. I needed more then four of these, didn`t know which was better, these or the Hayden 210. I bought both and compared. Compared to the Hayden 210 I give these 4 stars. They are both similar in quality and both seem to work well. The difference came with the size of the disc and the end of the plastic rod. Both come with foam pads, (the pads that came with the Derale were firmer then the Hayden, don`t think it matters though, both were the same size) but those are dependent on how big the surface area of the disc or rod is contacting it. The Hayden contact area was bigger on both ends, therefore giving more support for the foam which in turn contacts the radiator. While the Hayden does have two flat spots on the rod end as pictured, they are still bigger. Price goes in Hayden`s favor, 4.22 vs. 6.25. Like I mentioned I needed more then four of these, so I still ended up using two of the Derales, but will go for the Hayden only next time.Hayden Automotive 210 Mounting Kit System

  2. Many reviews of similar products indicatged that they did not hold tight so I was hesitant to order but was pleasantly relieved to find that these held very well. I had to install a fan on a test engine stand I made to test engines I build and to break them in before giving them to customers and the radiatior I was using was not new. At first I had difficulty pushing the plastic rods thrru as they met much resistance but found a small metal rod pushed thru first made the installation go easily. DAD`s Rod Shop.

  3. Excellent choice for mounting fans – long ties pass right through trans cooler and radiator – would suggest disconnecting the battery ground toprevent the fans from starting while hands in the area. Found that trimming of the tie ends to be very difficult because of the limited fan area – heatedup a hack saw blade and just melted off the excess tie sticking through the radiator. Shipped quickly and priced very well – easy to use.

  4. I bought a tranny cooler and lost the original mounting supplies so this replaced them and is exactly the same as the ones that came with mine. They are identical to the ones that come with the Hayden tranny coolers. I haven`t used them yet but they are the exact same as the ones I had previously that I lost.

  5. Must be some clumsy people to break one of these. Used these to mount an e-fan in my 4×4 without issues. I expect them to last for a while but will update if I experience any issues.

  6. Installed a Spal fan using these plastic rods. Have been holding for about a month with no problems. Easy to thread through the coil and radiator. Just use a soft touch and roll the posts back and forth for easy pass through. It will find its path – do not push forcefully or it may damage the coil/radiator. Highly recommended. Good quality. Not super high quality but good value.

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