Free products:Munchkin White Hot Safety Spoons 4 Ct – reviews Amazon

Munchkin White Hot Safety Spoons 4 Ct

Patented white hot heat sensor tips turn white when food is too hot
Soft tips are gentle on baby`s gums
Top rack dishwasher safe
Bright colors help hide food stains
Tapered bowl is ideal for little mouths and comes in purple, pink, peach, and blue

5 thoughts on “Free products:Munchkin White Hot Safety Spoons 4 Ct – reviews Amazon”

  1. Love the shape. Super soft and gives just the correct size of bites due to the shape and ease of grasping and holding. Accurate temperature detection for the most part. Washing in too warm of water will cause eventual desensitivity. They stain so easy. Not the best as a starter spoon for infants due to the metal handle. Other than those obvious cons-awesome!

  2. Love these spoons. I don`t really utilize the safety feature because I have a sense of touch; but the size is perfect, the shape is shallow enough for my daughter to remove the food easily, and when learning to bite down, the silicon provides some forgiveness.Don`t let babies chew on them though. They will invariably try to chew on the metal end and that hole seems to be begging for a tooth…

  3. I like that they are affordable and functional.They work great for my 8 month old and we`ve used them for a few months now.I don`t like how easily they discolor with food even when immediately washed.I wanted them to be a chewy silicone like the pink nuk but they are a harder plastic. Durable but not rubbery at all.I took photos front back and hot front to show color.

  4. Love these spoons. Not gonna lie, I could care less about the heat feature. I make all my daughters food and don’t really heat most of it up to a high temperature – I bought these because they were cute colors and reminded me of the ones my mom used for us. So far no issues cleaning. The old ones when I was a baby would split on the sides over time, that hasn’t happened with these but I’ve only had them a few months. Homemade carrots did stain the pink spoon, not sure why, not a big deal to me though.

  5. ALERT ALERT THE BEST BABY SPOONS OUT THEREI`m so serious that these are the best! One chronic issue with spoon feeding babies is that they have such tiny cute little mouths which are totally lovable but hard to put food in because they are so small. These spoons are pretty shallow so you can`t get took much on there.THE BEST.

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