Free products:Car Seat Protector Rear Seat Organizer for Kids – Waterproof & Stain Resistant Protective Backseat Kick Mat W/Storage Pockets & Tablet Holder – Baby Travel Kickmat & Front/Back Seat Cover Set – reviews Amazon

Car Seat Protector   Rear Seat Organizer for Kids - Waterproof & Stain Resistant Protective Backseat Kick Mat W/Storage Pockets & Tablet Holder - Baby Travel Kickmat & Front/Back Seat Cover Set

✅ CAR SEAT GUARD FOR PARENTS – This anti-slip car seat protector and the multi-pocket kick mat are going to keep your car clean and orderly during long and short car rides with your kid or baby
✅ KEEP YOUR CAR UPHOLSTERY CLEAN – The easy-to-clean child car seat protector is waterproof and super comfortable, so it will keep your upholstery clean and dry, and your kid cozy!
✅ NO MORE MESSY CAR FLOORS – The car kick mat has multiple pockets and an iPad holder, so it also functions are a backseat car organizer. In this way, your kid’s toys and water bottles will always be within easy reach and long car rides will be calmer.
✅ BUILT TO LAST A LIFETIME – Our baby car seat protector and seat kick mat are made with thick, padded, eco-friendly materials and secure straps, so they are extremely durable and sturdy.
✅ YOUR SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED – Helteko has backed up the large rear car seat protector set with a lifetime warranty, making this a completely risk free purchase!

8 thoughts on “Free products:Car Seat Protector Rear Seat Organizer for Kids – Waterproof & Stain Resistant Protective Backseat Kick Mat W/Storage Pockets & Tablet Holder – Baby Travel Kickmat & Front/Back Seat Cover Set – reviews Amazon”

  1. Recently purchased and so far it’s great for covering up our leather in our new SUV, especially the kick mats. We still put a blanket underneath for the space between the 2 car seats as kids still manage to get crumbs and stuff everywhere, but the point of still getting this protector is that it also covers the back of the seat the car seat is sitting on. Glad both car seat protectors and kick mats have pockets of storage.

  2. So I saw an add on Facebook. I signed up for the product and I’m totally surprised. The quality is incredible. Really well made, the installation was super easy 2 straps and done.The biggest surprise was how much kids loved it when the got in the car. They were like pockets everywhere on the organizer. I can’t stress that enough with twins it’s a challenge to keep them entertained. The pockets on the seat protector was a nice twist.It took about 5 minutes to install and it’s been to go since. I am really happy with the product.

  3. Arrived on Time!Easy to install!Everything fit perfectly in the new car.Yes an iPad will fit in the pocket .Now our kiddo can kick away or spill juice or whatever and my car wont get dirty !Worth the price for both! Just order it and you will I wasn`t paid to write a glamorous review either.

  4. I was immediately impressed by the quality of this! We have a mid size car and it was neither too big or small, fit perfectly with straps you can adjust to make it snug as well. Our child`s car seat won`t budge sitting on top of this, even with the seat secured properly it always has a tiny wiggle room, but not with this seat cover!! I also am in love with the backseat cover, one because now my child`s neck will be properly up instead of bent down when watching movies on the tablet (it always has holes on either side to plug in a charger and you can use the screen through the cover!!) and two because now if a toddler tantrum strikes, those shoes aren`t kicking the seat material itself, keeping it nice and clean!! If you buy any of these and are on the fence, buy this one! It comes with a lifetime warranty that is extremely easy to register at the company`s home website! Love this product and am happy with my purchase!

  5. I was surprised how thick the padding is on the seat protector. It fit my SUV back seat very well and has a plug (that you push down in between the seat and the backrest) to keep it from sliding forward, and slots for access to the anchor points and seatbelt, and a flap to protect the front edge of the seat (with a couple of pockets that might come in handy). The seat back protector in nice, heavy material, and fully covers the back of my front seat. The iPad pocket looks a little too low and is angled down (due to the recline of the front seat) so it doesn`t put the iPad is a good position for a child to watch, but that`s not why I was buying this).

  6. So I got these on a special for like $16 I believe and it was definitely worth it. I had been looking for seat protectors and most were too cheap or too expensive. I pulled the trigger when I looked at some of the customer pics of the material. It is very well made and thicker than you`d think. The chair back organizer I viewed as an added bonus. It was easy to install and I didn`t even have to take my car seat all the way out to do it. If you`re looking for a simple reasonably priced seat protector I think this is a good choice.

  7. Considering the price, photos and other peoples reviews, I was searching for the “right“ car seat pad to protect my seats. As we parents know, a car seat can really mess up the backseat of your car – especially leather – leaving permanent dents from the hard plastic nubs on the bottom. I was a little worried when I first received the product, it was in plastic, wrapping in a tube shape and taped to keep the round shape. Once I pulled off the plastic, I was pretty surprised at the sturdiness of the material, and really impressed by the thick pads in the places where car seats tend to damage seats the most. I only use the pad as a car seat pad, so I cannot `grade` the front pockets – I am sure they work lovely, and if not, it`s still worth the purchase/price!!!The backseat organizer was just as sturdy, very convenient to hold an extra bottle, water bottle, sweatshirt, pants, socks, etc. The straps are adjustable, so I adjusted them to the biggest possible to wrap around my front seat (Dodge Durango) and tuck between the bottom/back of the seat so the straps are out of the way. Both products have been in my car for a couple weeks now, so everything and anything was put into the back pockets (and immediately taken out upon exit – they follow the “you bring it in, you take it out“ rule), however i don`t know how durable the pockets are when using consistently/regularly.I would definitely purchase again if I needed to!! Actually, this is the perfect baby shower present, as it is one of the things you don`t think about purchasing until it`s too late, and your seats are destroyed (not that it`s not worth it!)!!

  8. Originally I had purchased a Brica seat guardian for our new Toyota Highlander, but then I read reviews that the design was flawed for leather seats, causing damage instead of protecting the seat. I turned to this product and I am quite happy with it. The material seems of a high quality and it was very easy to install. The only complaint that I have is that the rear facing kick guard was not entirely compatible with the seat. At the bottom of the seat there are loops that should be threaded between the seat back and base, which the main securing belt should thread through those loops to create a snug fit against the seat. The problem is that the seat has a panel that does allow for direct access between the seat so the loops are not long enough to thread through the seat. The overall fit is not as snug as it could be but it is still acceptable.

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