Free products:Summer ELITE DuoMat Car Seat Protector, Black – Premium Waterproof Seat Cover Pad with Storage Pockets – reviews Amazon

Summer ELITE DuoMat Car Seat Protector, Black - Premium Waterproof Seat Cover Pad with Storage Pockets

Provides the most complete protection of any car seat mat available
Waterproof materials prevent stains and soiling on car upholstery
Back panel adjusts to fit any infant or child car seat; deeper side slots accommodate LATCH anchors and seat belts.
Handy mesh pockets keep drinks, snacks, and toys organized and within reach; wipes clean for easy care.
Crash tested for safety to stay in place in the event of an accident

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  1. Fits well, and is sturdy. We usually park indoors so hope we will not experience the melting problem mentioned in other reviews. Taking 1 star off because it would be better with a strap to go around the head rest to keep the back propped up better while in "toddler mode". I have a child facing backward and need the mat extended up to keep the seat clean from kicking.

  2. This is a great way to create a barrier between my child`s car seat and my brand new car`s seat. It covers the base well and has a thicker pad there so there won`t be indentations from the car seat left behind. We have the seat covering the back of the seat in it`s entirety, though you can have it folded down to only cover where your child`s feet with touch if they are rear facing. My son is forward facing at this point. The material is easy to clean. It would be simple to spot clean or even toss in the washing machine, though it shouldn`t ever get that dirty. I like that there is a small compartment that hangs over the seat that you can store things like small toys or snack bags and sippy cups, though most car seats can hold sippy cups too. Just one more way to stay organized and clean in your vehicle. We`re actually going to purchase another of these for my other child`s booster seat. Great buy for the price as well. We have used other items by the brand Summer and have been pleased. They are manufactured well and hold up well over time, so I have no doubt this will be the same way.

  3. I bought two of these and have been pleased with them so far. I selected this because I was looking for a car seat cover that would work for rear-facing and later forward-facing seats and I also wanted a seat cover that would not leave marks on the leather interior. After far too much research, I decided on these. We have been using these for about a year now and they work well. I was able to get a very tight install using this with both the infant and rear-facing convertible seats. In fact, I feel like the install is a lot more secure compared to my husband’s car, which does not have a seat cover. The car seat slides on his leather whereas the seat cover keeps the seat from sliding on mine. I originally installed this with the Chicco Keyfit 30 and it fit perfectly. After about 10 months of continuous use, we switched to the Graco 4Ever. When I removed the seat cover between installs, there were no indentations or marks on my tan leather interior. I was worried that the black mat would melt and leave marks after enduring a hot Atlanta summer, but they held up perfectly.

  4. I have a Toyota Sequoia with leather seats and I kept worrying that my daughter`s toddler seat would tear the leather. The Summer Infant DuoMat covered the whole seat and has thicker areas right where toddler seat rubs. The price is great too so I would recommend this to any family.

  5. We have four of these mats distributed throughout a Honda Odyssey Minivan right now. As you can tell, we love them and they work. Our oldest is 5 years old and youngest is 3 months old. All of them are holding up very well. No tears or seams coming apart. No cracking to the waterproof material, even in high stress points like where the car seats sit on the mat.Everyone of these mats that we have ordered has been brand new. We have not had a single issue with any of them. There hasn`t been any harsh odors or funny smells to get over. They are well made.These mats are always catching things and protecting the seats to the van. Anything between crumbs to liquid. Our little girl fell asleep one day and had an accident. The mat contained a puddle when we got home and allowed us to clean everything up without a single drop reaching the seat to the van.The mesh storage compartments in the front of the mats are mostly for toys. Anything you put in there is going to get smashed! The kids can`t help it. Their legs and feet hang out of the car seat and whatever is in these storage areas will get kicked for the duration of the ride.The seat belt paths in the mat are well placed. I move the child seats around a lot to let the kids take turns running errands with me in the truck. I`m thankful the mat isn`t a pain or getting in the way when doing this. The mats don`t aid in the child seat from moving around in my opinion. You child seat should be strapped in tightly with the belt system you are using. This mat doesn`t aid in that with a proper installation of the seat.I`m a car seat technician in the state that I work in. I asked our car seat instructors about these mats. They said they are thin enough to not manipulate a proper installation of a child seat. Where you would have problems is if a mat is too thick and settles over time allowing the seat to be loose, that is not the case with these mats.We recommended these to everyone that has kids. It will save your vehicle`s seats in so many ways. We`ve already seen one mat go from being under an infant seat to now a forward facing seat. That`s durability that we are needing. They are well worth the price.If anything changes with these mats then I will update this review. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

  6. I bought one of these 4 years ago when my first kid was born to protect what were then new leather seats. The DuoMat did such a good job and held up so well, I bought a second one 2.5 years later when my second kid was born, for that seat. Well, fast forward to now and the kids have destroyed the car interior — except the seats. Seriously, the car is filthy but the seats are pristine. We recently moved to the suburbs and needed to buy a second car. After seeing what 4 years of kids did to our existing car and how well the DuoMats protected the seats (and the DuoMats themselves are basically like new), I bought *two more*. Seriously, it`s a great product. I`ve bought four, but that`s not because they don`t last. It`s because they`re so great!

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