Free products:Barilla Pasta, Gemelli, 16 Ounce – reviews Amazon

Barilla Pasta, Gemelli, 16 Ounce

Simple shape made from two strands of pasta twisted together, means `twins` in Italian
Cooks in 12 minutes
Holds sauce well and can be used in a variety of dishes and with any sauce
Good source of thiamin, folic acid, iron, riboflavin and niacin
Product of USA, kosher certified

8 thoughts on “Free products:Barilla Pasta, Gemelli, 16 Ounce – reviews Amazon”

  1. I used this rather than Bucatini and found that it holds the sauce just as well. My husband raved about it because it was much easier to eat than is bucatini.

  2. I love this pasta in our pasta salad dish. It has good flavor, and cooked al dente makes this pasta perfect. I would recommend to anyone. Love the shape too, it`s pretty especially in a pesto. My family has never heard of gemelli, but they can`t get enough of our dish. It`s a hit!

  3. I love Gemelli pasta for making mac-n-cheese. The spiral tubes hold more sauce :)Shipped quickly and very reasonable pricing.

  4. Braille is the ONLY pasta I`ve cooked for years, but when I moved from nj to ca, I could not find the variety I was used to, enter my favorite site and friend, Amazon, I would be lost without you, bravo for a job WELL DONE! Marie

  5. I always buy Barilla brand pasta. I love it. Very easy to make and tastes great. The instructions for al dente are printed right on the front of the box.

  6. This pasta cooks up well, the twists in the pasta hold sauces or oils along with small diced veggies so every bite is a delicious bite.Tastes best when cooked al dente.

  7. these are my favorite, texture is perfect but I suppose that always depends on how you cook them

  8. So happy with the Gemelli pasta. Years ago we were visiting a friend in California, and she served a great and simple meal of Gemelli Pasta, tomatoes from her garden, and freshly grated Parmesan cheese!!! It was wonderful!!! I never forgot that dinner, and strove to replicate it!! Gemelli is not an easy pasta to find!! The closest I found was Food Lion’s Gemelli pasta!! They have discontinued it and I was stumped! It is the perfect pasta to make a meal….it is filling, substantial, and until I found that Amazon offered a Gemelli pasta (perfect), I can now make that delicious meal from so long ago!!!

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