Free products:Heinz 57 Original Sauce (20 oz Bottle) – reviews Amazon

Heinz 57 Original Sauce (20 oz Bottle)

America`s Favorite Cocktail Sauce
A delicious blend of tomatoes, horseradish, spices and seasonings for that extra kick
Thick and robust, it’s the perfect complement for shrimp and seafood
Deliciously gluten-free

7 thoughts on “Free products:Heinz 57 Original Sauce (20 oz Bottle) – reviews Amazon”

  1. My local grocery store didn`t have A-1 steak sauce once, so I bought this. I have never used anything else on steak since, its awesome. Oh yeah and use it on chicken. Very good for many things.

  2. This has been a family favorite for many years. Yes, I`ve had my family try less expensive brands, but listening to the complaints at the dinner table isn`t worth the savings! They even notice when I add it to burgers and meatloaf.

  3. Great steak sauce which is hard to get in my area. Everyone uses the other steak sauce but I am allergic to oranges and this fits the bill perfectly.

  4. It is hard to find in my area in New England and expensive. The price I paid is just a little bit more than what a small bottle costs here when you can find it.

  5. I ordered this because it is my favorite steak sauce. I also like it in meat loaf. There`s a lot of great recipes that use this and it makes everything better. It arrived on time and was packaged well.

  6. Whether you grill with this sauce on your meat, or add it for flavor later, you can’t go wrong. This sauce has a great flavor, and not overpowering.

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