Free products:Loma Linda – Plant-Based Protein – Super Links (19 oz.) – Kosher – reviews Amazon

Loma Linda - Plant-Based Protein - Super Links (19 oz.) – Kosher

Super Links are flavorful & full of tasty plant-based protein
Healthy alternative to traditional hot dogs that`s lower in fat & perfect for vegetarians
Simply heat & eat, ideal for cooking anytime of the year
Requires no refrigeration or freezing, up to 36-months shelf life
Loma Linda has been providing family favorite meals since 1890

8 thoughts on “Free products:Loma Linda – Plant-Based Protein – Super Links (19 oz.) – Kosher – reviews Amazon”

  1. These were great! I am very glad I purchased them. Follow the label directions for cooking for the best results. I will purchase them again and again.

  2. I love hot dogs. I Love these more than "real" hot dogs. BTW: Ever really tasted a "real" hot dog?I like these better — on the grill, in the microwave — in a Coney Island. I`m really glad I finally found these.

  3. I slice and brown these in a little butter, garlic, onion and add to Pork N Beans for a quick little lunch. Not bad at all for a meatless meal and that is coming from a non Vegan. The can has about 6 large links that can serve as a couple meals for one person or feed your hungry brood. Again I stir fry them and do not eat them boiled, that might be kind of yuck in my opinion.

  4. My favorite veggie hot dog. These taste nothing at all like regular hot dogs, so if that is what you are looking for, this is not it. They do have a nice texture and flavor though. Very satisfying.

  5. I`ve been eating these my entire life, they`re the best vegetarian hotdog alternative I`ve ever had, and even though I`m no longer a vegetarian and haven`t been for almost 20 years, I will take these over real hotdogs ANY day!

  6. These are an awesome vegan hot dog replacement! The texture and flavor are just right. Maybe these aren`t so healthy- like, they have sodium, preservatives and dyes in them, but then again regular hot dogs do too. So if you are looking for something to fulfill that ballpark or backyard barbecue craving, this is it! Great in a bun with all the condiments, or great sliced into baked beans. I don`t think I would eat these just plain by themselves, but I never used to do that with regular hot dogs either.I just microwave one for 30-45 seconds and "voila".

  7. Yummy. I mash these up with mayo and dill relish and eat on bread like a hame salad sandwich. So good!!

  8. This is the only brand of hot dog I will ever eat. It doesn`t have that skin-layer most other wienies seem to have. I hate to try different ones because I just know they`re going to have that chewy, disgusting skin-layer wrapped around them. But not these. These are the BEST! My only problem with them is that I can eat them all by myself. Like, the whole can. And I don`t even feel bad. Sorry, fam, but if I can buy them on Amazon, so can you. Quit being cheap and just get your own. (No, no. I`m just kidding. I did happily share them that time I was caught with some. I`m not really this stingy.)

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