Free products:Planters Salted Peanuts (1 oz Bag, Pack of 24) – reviews Amazon

Planters Salted Peanuts (1 oz Bag, Pack of 24)

24 single serve packs, perfect for enjoying on the go
Enhanced with a dash of sea salt
Perfect for those keeping kosher
For over 100 years, people have trusted Planters to deliver freshness and superior quality

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  1. These peanuts in the individual serving bags are perfect for me. I have a hard time with portion size and this does it for me. I just grab one every day as I`m heading out the door for work and I have my snack for my morning break. It`s easy and convenient. Tastes great too!

  2. Tasty peanuts in individual 1 ounce (28g) serving packs.I purchased these during a special with the unit price (per ounce) of a box of individual serving packs was less expensive than a larger bulk container (can or bottle) of the same Planters peanuts. They taste like any other Planters peanuts.I purchased a box of 24 1 oz packages (24 total ounces of peanuts), and I was fine with the single serve packaging as I eat them as the occasional snack, throw a bag in the glove box or backpack, etc.

  3. These were crunchy and fresh and just the right amount of salt and oil. Convenient size to keep in my purse, and cheaper than hitting the vending machine. When I`m out running errands these help me stave off hunger long enough to get home to some healthy food (and avoid the drive through). I bought a second box for my college-age daughter, for the same reason.

  4. Amazon Prime Pantry quickly provided our 24-pack, box of tasty, salted peanuts. The peanuts are just the right size for the one ounce bag in which they are packaged, and each bag has a handy tear place at the (top) back of the package. The peanuts taste fresh and the 3 boxes that I received April 2017 have more than 8 months of shelf life, with an expiration date of 12/21/17 on each. They were offered at a good price through Amazon. These Planters peanuts tasted so good that after ordering the first box, we put in a pantry order that included 2 more boxes. We also buy Planters Peanuts in the large containers, but I prefer these little bags, not just for portion control, but because they make handy snacks for a pocket, lunch box, or purse, and as a bonus– keep all of those hands out of the bigger containers!

  5. These are very convenient and the manufacturer packaging is thicker than snack baggies, so they don`t go stale if you stash them around. Hard to find at the grocery store because of a lot of peanut allergies locally. Peanuts make an excellent on the go snack for adults or kids, and these are a great portion size–I always finish it in one sitting, so no worrying about storing an open package.

  6. Just the right snack size. I had bought the bigger snack sized variety pak but I would only eat half of the bag and then have to find a clip to close it up so the peanut would not grow stale before eating the other half.

  7. This is a product I purchased often. Perfect snack size. We use them for lunches and before bed snacks. Convenient packaging so you can take them on the go. Has great flavor just like peanuts that come in a can. These are perfect for my family members who refuse to eat trail mix which is what I typically find in stores.

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