6 thoughts on “Free products:Sapporo Ichiban Original Ramen Noodles, 17.50 Ounce – reviews Amazon”

  1. Not the best ramen in terms of taste and noodle consistency, but this is indeed a true standard-bearer of the Japanese-American ramen world. Sort of the one by which other brands can be compared. Flavor packet yields enough taste to satisfy, though it`s hard to describe exactly what that taste is — sort of a generic meatiness that goes well with anything else you can throw in it.

  2. Over the years, we`ve tried many brands of instant noodles and have found that Sapporo Ichiban are tastiest as far as Japanese flavor goes. The broth has a very subtle taste and the noodles are firm but silky.Although this food is definitely not a clean, healthy eating choice, they sure are convenient. And making them more nutritious is easy. Just add sesame seeds, green onions, mushrooms, mung beans, etc. and you`ll have something very close to a restaurant-quality Japanese noodle soup!

  3. much better than the 5pk for $1 ramen i lived on in college, unmatched flavor, package is also larger so you get more noodles and the seasoning pack is no where near as salty to me. these are actually really really good. served with boiled eggs, fresh parsley and pork slices, really really good

  4. These hit the spot. I can buy these at an asian market about 40 miles away from my home, but that`s a bit far. Amazon helps get the product to me at my convenience.

  5. Possibly the best instant ramen out there. Excellent flavor, not overly salty like most cheaper ramen. Noodles are good, soup base is good, overall nothing but good. Have bought before, and will buy again.

  6. This is my favorite ramen. It is hard to find in stores in my area and being able to buy this online as a Prime member is an added bonus! Yes, it is 3 to 5 times the cost of the other ramen brands out there, but the flavor is very rich and doesn`t taste as artificial as the others.

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