Free products:Ver Block Peel and Stick Design Stainless Steel DIY Interior Tile 20PCS – reviews Amazon

Ver Block Peel and Stick Design Stainless Steel DIY Interior Tile 20PCS

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Can be used for various use like kitchens, living rooms, art walls, doors, refrigerators, furniture remodeling, etc.
Excellent Color Stability and Eco-friendly product. Anti-fingerprint and easy to clean and maintenance.
Nano Ceramic Coating System has been used. Light Weight, easy and simple to construct.
Made from stainless steel that more strong and elegant than normal one.
Availability for interior matching with various materials such as wood and ceramic

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  1. I was incredibly impressed with these tiles! I was a little skeptical when I ordered, as I`ve read other reviews for peel & stick tiles that say they can see seams, etc. I didn`t have any issues with these at all. Each tile had a protective film over it to prevent scratching.I installed over countertops that had peel/stick tiles on them previously. One set was on drywall, the other was on an acrylic hardboard. The hardboard was incredibly easy to remove, so we choose to installed the hardboard over our ripped up drywall to make it easier. I think this could have been skipped. There is a little foam backing on the tiles to help cover up imperfections. But, installing the acrylic did assist with any repositioning! I did a dry fit of the tiles along the counter so we could center our pattern. Measure twice, cut once!I used a grease pencil to mark the first tile that needed to be cut. It wrote easily on the protective film that covers each tile. Using a new razor blade, straight edge, and cutting mat, tiles were easily cut to size. After a few passes, the tiles could be snapped for a clean edge. I found it easier to start the cut on the front of the tile. If I had to start on the back, after 2 passes, the cut line was visible on the front to finish with.I used a lightly dampened towel to wipe the wall just before installing. It made it easier the few times I had to reposition. Working one tile at a time, I was able to get the adjacent edges lined up before pressing the tile onto the wall. This rolling technique worked well for me. After a few tiles were up, I would go back and firmly press the previous ones to ensure a good stick.I installed a few days ago, and everything seems to be firmly in place! I already have recommended to a friend.

  2. I am so happy with my purchase. It was so much better than I expected. I love that they don`t look like peel and stick. I would definitely recommend.

  3. I loved the ease of use when it came to putting on the product. Be careful because one you stick it on, it’s on for good! It’s a great alternative to tile. We’re happy with the finished product.

  4. Very Nice looking tile, only done side is that its not that sticky

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