Free products:Zizo iPhone 8 Case/iPhone 7 Case [Bolt Series] w/ [iPhone 8 Screen Protector ] Kickstand [12 ft. Military Grade Drop Tested] Holster Belt Clip – reviews Amazon

Zizo iPhone 8 Case/iPhone 7 Case [Bolt Series] w/ [iPhone 8 Screen Protector ] Kickstand [12 ft. Military Grade Drop Tested] Holster Belt Clip

Protection: The Zizo [Bolt Series] meets 12 Feet Military Grade Drop Test 810.1-G Certification. Certified to protect your phone
Endless Possibilities: Equipped with a built-in kickstand, you can now enjoy your phone hands free
iPhone 8 Screen Protector: a Zizo [Lightning Shield] 0.33mm 9H hardness and 100% clarity Tempered Glass Screen Protector is included free with every purchase
iPhone 8 Case: The Zizo [Bolt Series] is labeled as iPhone 7 and is also compatible with the iPhone 8.
Apple iPhone 7 Case : The Zizo Bolt Series is compatible with iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. Zizo Bolt case is compatible with the Zizo Wireless Qi Charger.

6 thoughts on “Free products:Zizo iPhone 8 Case/iPhone 7 Case [Bolt Series] w/ [iPhone 8 Screen Protector ] Kickstand [12 ft. Military Grade Drop Tested] Holster Belt Clip – reviews Amazon”

  1. I bought a case for my husband (tan color) and one for myself (red and black) and it`s amazing. It was pretty simple to put on, comes with a tempered glass screen cover, lanyard, kickstand, and belt clip and appears to be able to withstand a lot of abuse (I have 4 small children). Mine was slightly harder to get on than my husband`s case but after adjusting and trying to get the case buttons on the side to line up with the power button a couple times it now works perfectly.The case does not cover the charging port but I actually prefer it that way. The kickstand is really handy for when you want to watch a video and have to use your hands for something else or when you want to listen to music. And I love that there`s a lanyard that you can attach to it. I have a bad habit of leaving my phone in weird places around the house and forgetting where I put it so now I can just hang it around my neck. And my husband loves the belt clip. It covers the front of the screen to protect it when he`s working (mechanic) and it can swivel around to change positions.Overall I`d say this is the perfect heavy duty case for us.Update 1/16/2017:: I went to clean my phone today so I took the case off mine (the one that was tough to get on). I found out that it was so hard to get on because a corner piece on the back was folded over preventing the hard case from laying flush against the phone. I cleaned my phone and put the case back on with the corner flipped back into place and now it works perfectly. You just have to make sure all the pieces are in place.

  2. I have always had a phone that was either military spec or protected by the case as it is quite a large investment. So far the Zizo case is exactly what I expected. Seems to be well made and durable. More so than the overseas crap I was forced to purchase fro my HTC One. I would recommend this case highly.

  3. The protection is great. That aside, I was having trouble holding onto my Iphone 7 and this did the trick. It`s not bulky with the belt clip removed and works well as a pocket case.

  4. Absolutely love this product! It`s very durable, we`ll made and has a perfect fit! Its also versitile with the belt clip and tether for around your neck! It`s also every bit as good as any of those very expensive cases. This company offers a 5 star customer service department! I ordered the wrong product, made them aware of it and within minutes they sent the link to return for the correct one. They offer lightening fast shipping! This is an up and coming Company offering high quality products at reasonable prices! This has been a very pleasant experience for me as a buyer!

  5. Before I even used the case I experienced great customer service. I misordered an Apple 7 not an Apple 7 plus and I was really bummed. They took it back no questions asked. I reordered the correct one and it arrived today. I`m pleased so far with the look and feel. Also great value compared to Apple store and AT&T store.

  6. This is a fantastic case for the iPhone 6s and 7. It`s absolutely stunning in real life, maybe more so than in the photos here, and feels just wonderful to hold. There is a feel to it that makes it different than a typical plastic or synthentic case; I have no idea what specific material is being used, but it has a truly unique feel that makes gripping the phone easier and is pleasant to the touch. I purchased it because I wanted a belt clip so I didn`t keep dropping my phone out of my shirt pocket when I bent over, and this one fits the bill just fine. It`s also very easy to get the phone in and out of the belt clip… no wrestling or tugging, and yet it feels firmly in place, so I`m not worried that it will fall out unexpectedly. Surpsrise, the kick stand it has, which is of no interest to me, is actually very useful. When I am at my desk, I just pull the little kickstand out, and viola!, I have my phone ready for use, right in front of me, even when it is connected to a charging cable.As to longevity, I cannot give a review on that, since I have had this only a few days, but what I can say that, when you feel it, you get the feel that this case is going to last a long time. It just reeks a feeling of quality. A glass shield for the front of the phone is also included, which is nice, as some of these cases do not come supplied with such. The description says that the case is tested to a very high level for dropping, and all I can say is that it sure seems like that may be true. I haven`t dropped my phone with it on, and I`m hoping I never do again now that I have a belt clip, but this case sure does look like it would greatly protect the phone were it to be dropped.This is an EASY five-star item

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