Free products:Charm Summer Men`s and Women`s Borderless Caps-Portable Chemical Cotton Fashion Caps – reviews Amazon

Charm Summer Men`s and Women`s Borderless Caps-Portable Chemical Cotton Fashion Caps

Natural material – 100% cotton
protects your skin – this bean has anti-allergic properties, so it is friendly to sensitive skin and scalp. Cotton doesn`t stir your hair, so it`s safe for those who lose their hair. One size suits you best. – So what are you waiting for? This kind of cap is made of durable cotton material, which can be worn all year round and can benefit you for life! The most suitable head size is about 22 to 23.5 inches
comfortable, suitable for all seasons – our popular slack cap is made of cotton and can be worn all year round! Summer, Winter, Autumn and Spring – Cotton can be used as an insulator for cold and hot days. It won`t stick to the skin in hot summer
an endless cap made of 100% cotton – this loose cap is made of 100% cotton and is good for your hair and skin. It`s especially safe for people with sensitive skin or undergoing chemotherapy or hair loss medication
made in Korea – we`ve been looking for what`s the latest fashion trend for men and women, and where to start compared with highly fashionable Seoul? Korea is always ahead in creating unique designs and bringing life to something that has already entered the ground. We are delighted to work with fashionable Korean friends who help us make soy products for men, women, adults, teenagers and anyone else!

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  1. I bought this (in multiple colors) for someone who is going through chemotherapy. The slouch takes away from the fact that there is no hair under it and makes her feel good about going out without a wig.The fabric is perfect for the Florida summer heat. So glad I found these!

  2. Great foR summer, even in the blazing desert where I reside. I will be getting more colors.

  3. Been looking for a good go-to beanie for the warmer days when I don`t want to wear a hat or have my shaved head scorched by the sun, and I think I found it! This is really thin, without being see-through and just fits great. Has enough stretch where it doesn`t feel like it`s squeezing my brain but not too much where it may blow off with a strong gust of wind. Overall I`ve been very impressed with this beanie and will plan on purchasing more. My only draw-back, and this is just personal preference, is that I`m not a fan of the chrome emblem on the front. I like the look of it, but don`t are fro the branding "Charm," as a dude, it seems like I bought it from Charming Charlies or something, lol. And besides just being nit-picky about the brand, it just seems like it`s a matter of time before that emblem falls off with the way it`s stitched. But all in all, I dig it!Pro Tips:This is NOT a beanie for cold weatherThink about adding a bandana underneath it to help with sweat and overall smellEmblem is cool, I guess, but may fall off with frequent use with the way it`s stitched in

  4. This hat is exactly what I was hoping for. I prefer wearing beanie style hats over any other but I live in Texas…so obviously it gets very hot. Usually I have to pack my beanies away and switch to something else…not with this one. It has great slouch to it, the fabric breathes and makes my head feel cooler in the sun by blocking out the heat. I got the light blue, the color is lovely. I sewed on some patches to make it more unique to me and now it gets worn everyday.

  5. I wanted a sleep hat for winter as I turn off the heat in my bedroom and sometimes you need a little something to keep your head warm. This does the job. I purchased white which is not pure white but more of a light cream/white (but more white than cream). Most people might not notice the not pure white. I`m somewhat of a purist when it comes to the color white, so for me it was just off a little bit, but not a deal breaker. I believe I have an average size head and this is just a little big for me in that when I move my head around on the pillow the hat sort of slips a little, not much but a little. As for the softness, it`s soft-ish but not buttery soft. It`s not exactly the most flattering look, but at the end of the day I cannot complain as it does the job.

  6. Admittedly I`m a bit of a snob when it comes to beanies, I wear them all year round. When I saw this one I was excited because it`s not easy finding lightweight, high-quality beanies with solid colors and any sense of style. I tried to keep my hopes to a minimum and when I received it I`m happy to say it did not disappoint. It`s not as lightweight as others that I`ve bought but this is because the quality is high… I would call this an all-season beanie (if there is such a thing). It also washes and holds it`s color well. I plan to reorder.

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