8 thoughts on “Free products:Flair Hair Visor (One Size fits Most) – reviews Amazon”

  1. My good buddy is an avid "semi-senior" hunter who us undergoing radiation and chemo treatment for cancer. The prognosis is very good and we expect a complete recovery eventually but in the mean time he is temporarily losing his hair. When I presented him this cap, we both laughed until we (almost) cried. The fit was perfect and Amazon delivered exactly on time.

  2. As a joke I started buying these type of Visors for my balding father. I bought him one with bright orange hair and he started wearing it everywhere. This cap actually looks really good and he loves to wear it around running errands!

  3. I bought this for a friend of mine that was going through chemo and was losing his hair. He laughed when he saw it and put it on right away. He keeps it in his truck and wears this to keep his head warm. To see him smile makes me smile. The camo touch was a real hit too. Thanks for the great product.

  4. Gave this as a gift to a slightly balding guy. He LOVED it and wears it all the time. Perfect for yard work to protect his head from sun burn. Seems to be good quality and sturdy.

  5. This is a great gift. Mom-in-law undergoing chemo, and happens to LOVe bigfoot stuff, so it is her new favorite hat. Goot quality and fit.

  6. I put the visor on My head and I`ve been wearing it ever sense…it`s very hard to tell if that`s My actual hair or not…I`d say 75 to 80% of the comments think it is My hair…

  7. Good quality visor with “salt and pepper” gray hair (dark near the roots with white tips).

  8. I gave it to my pops that had cancer, he has passed but he had fun with the way cool fake hair 🙂 brought a smile to his face. Priceless.

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