2 thoughts on “Free products:Fruit of the Loom Girls' Cotton Hipster Underwear – reviews Amazon”

  1. I expected the designs in the picture…they sent puppies and plain white underwear, not the cute ones in the description picture. My daughter and I were disappointed, but I’m keeping them because she needs underwear now and she unrolled them, because she’s young and curious. I must’ve missed the part that said “designs may vary”. These are ok, just not what we expected…

  2. These are the first underwear I`d ever bought my daughter that she came back to me to let me know just how much she loved them. Knowing her, this means she wants me to stay with this product. She enjoys most that the elastics are sewn inside of folded fabric, they can`t grab or pinch from there. She`s thicker in the hips and thighs, with a strong peeve against her clothes leaving indentations in her skin… finding a great fit for her is tricky. But we did it and now I know the answer isn`t lost in a pile of packages at the store, we found them.

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