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Flax Men`s Summer Bottomless Cap-Japanese Handy Knitted Cap

Soft cap made of 100% flax
100% flax cap, lazy – light and breathable. Spring and summer delicacies. The oversized loose cap is translucent, allowing some air to circulate through the fibre to prevent excessive heat accumulation.
Linen is a durable material. It will become softer and stronger after washing every time. With proper care, the cap can last a lifetime and be passed on to the next one. It`s impossible to replicate the softness of old linen, so this cap is a great investment!
Comfortable for all seasons – because our popular slack cap is made of linen and can be worn all year round! Summer, winter, autumn and spring – linen, as insulators in cold and hot days, does not stick to skin in hot summer because it has moisturizing properties
Made in Osaka, Japan – Made by a family business in Osaka. In addition to delicious food and beautiful culture, high-quality products are one of Japan`s main products. You can bet that it also includes our flax caps. If you are not satisfied, you can return them free of charge without asking any questions
which size is the most suitable – what are you waiting for? This cap is made of durable materials, can be worn all year round, and can benefit you for life! Best fit for head size of about 22 to 23 inches – Flat 11 inches long and 10.6 inches wide

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  1. This is the 2nd beanie I`ve ordered from Casualbox and I love them both. This one is slightly larger than the first one I ordered, but definitely not a problem (if you wash and dry them, they will shrink). I love that the fabric is linen, as it`s the only option I can/would wear in the summer. I`m sure I`ll order more colors. I waited until FREE SHIPPING was offered, since I do believe $18 is fair for a beanie, but would not pay a shipping cost in addition to that.

  2. I bought this color after hang bought the tan one. Do I think it`s perfect? No, but it`s has some qualities that I like. It`s thin and light so it`s more suitable for warm weather. Of course, you could wear this in the winter but it won`t provide as much warmth as any typical beanie. If you look at the magnified view of the product, you`ll see a small, rectangular tag made of metal that`s sewn into the beanie. I definitely didn`t like it so I simply cut it off; no big deal. Note: it does not have an elastic band so it just sits on your head. If you were to ride a bicycle, it would probably fly off. I say that in case anyone is wondering if it sits tightly on one`s head. I put my tan one into a net and threw it into a washer. It wasn`t destroyed but it looks kinda worn after that. I guess hand washing is the safest bet. Overall, I like it and have no regrets about buying it. I just wish there was an elastic band so that it would fit securely on my head.

  3. It`s Linen, and a Good Natural Fiber. The "Unisex Size" may be somewhat small for men. It`s very thin and light, the color is TAN rather than the pinkish shade I`ve seen in some of the ads. It is helpful for somewhat cooler nights, but for temps dipping into the Low 40`s & below, you`ll want something Warmer…so I`ve ordered a 100% Wool Beanie from Pendleton. With the colder days of Winter, you may also want to get something Heavier & Warmer.

  4. It`s a unisex beanie…so one size cannot fit all!That being said, it`s a little big for me…I wore it a few times in a few different ways until I thought of taking a few stitches to it at the back seam.PERFECT fit and the alteration is unseen :)I love that it`s light-weight…I LOVE the color!!!There is a lot of material to it, so it can effectively even be worn to the side like a beret ;)Very happy with my purchase!!!

  5. Being a guy who shaves his head, sometimes my head gets a little too cool at night. I wanted a lightweight hat to wear while sleeping to keep my head comfortable at night. But I didn`t want something bulky and thick that might be uncomfortable or too hot at while I was sleeping. This Casualbox Unisex Beanie was exactly what I was looking for. It`s not itchy and it fit my head with a light touch–it wasn`t super snug or too tight, but it also wasn`t too loose where it easily slid off my head at night. It fit perfectly and stayed on my head all night long.It`s made of a lightweight fabric, both in thickness and in heft, which makes it perfect to sleep in. I suppose if you`re one to wear beanies while out and about during the spring or summer, this one would be perfect since it`s lightweight and breathable while also being fashionable. I read that it`s machine washable, which is good news since I have a cat. So I know it will hold up well to washing.I haven`t owned this long, but so far, I`m perfectly happy with my purchase. I`ll update this later if I have any "Cons" to add, but right now, I see no flaws and have no issues with this hat.

  6. So….I like to wear hats at work, but it is often warm, and I am a stocker, so we get even warmer. I cannot wear any type of winter hat while stocking, as I feel like I may pass out from the heat. I purchased this hat. I wore it the first day and it was baggy, not a deal breaker, but still. I was sweaty, but it evaporated quickly and I never felt like I was going to pass out. I went home and washed and dried it. It shrunk up a bit, and now it is a perfect size. If you like it looser, you could wash it and not dry it, I also feel like it could be stretched out even after drying to loosen it up. I guess my point is, this is a great hat!!!! I have already ordered other colors.

  7. This beanie is nice, pretty soft, lightweight, one layered ( a preference for me, I was looking for a summer hat). Definitely is not for winter!I`m giving 4 stars because it`s too loose and big, even though my head isn`t small at all. After a gentle washing it became even bigger! I`m concerned I may lose my beanie if it`s too windy :)pros – lightweight, one layered, nice colorcons – too loose, a little bit overpriced

  8. I made this purchase based on other reviews for this product, and it turned out to be everything I was looking for.As mentioned in the description, this is a summer hat. It is very light and breathable. The other day I wore it when it was over 80 degrees outside to protect my head from the sun, and it felt very comfortable.The size must be larger than usual because it fits my head very comfortably while most one-size hats and beanies end up feeling too small and uncomfortable for me.I am very happy with this purchase, and I’m considering the following product as well:“Casualbox Mens Womens Slouch Beanie Hat Peak Breathable Japanese Fashion”

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