Free products:Muslim bookmark elastic cap Kufi skull cap with cool design and stripes. – reviews Amazon

Muslim bookmark elastic cap Kufi skull cap with cool design and stripes.

Flexible head cap, which can comfortably accommodate most head sizes
provides a variety of cool designs and colors, with different stripes and lines
Indonesian-made high-quality blended fabric materials
Note that the designs of “Brown with White Belt“ and “Green with Arrow Design“ may have slightly different braids. If you have any problems with this product, please contact the seller and solve your problems immediately.

8 thoughts on “Free products:Muslim bookmark elastic cap Kufi skull cap with cool design and stripes. – reviews Amazon”

  1. These caps look stylish and feel comfortable! I plan to order more.

  2. I have a smaller head so this fits large on me but if I cuff up the end all the way around it looks good because it`s not a thick Cuffi. The quality is very good. The only thing is white doesn`t look good on me. Over all its a very good Cuffi

  3. What I expected. Fits & looks great. Arrived on time. Good Quality for a Good price. Love it. It doesn`t really look like a Muslim cap…on me anyway. Just a nice skull cap to keep my balding dome warm & dry. Yeah, bald-ing-ish heads sweat. Who knew? Highly recommend!

  4. Nice beanie, really, but it`s getting harder to find Adult (American) sized clothing. It fits my 7 1/2 size head snugly but that`s fine it will stretch out I think. I`m 6` 1" 180 pounds not really big headed. When buying clothing I usually by 3X online the sizes run SO SMALL. What do big tall heavy people do? I`m at the end of the size limit and I`m not heavy. So many items seem like they are teen sized, maybe the Asian market is their demographic.

  5. I love this kufi. The fit is perfect and I can wear it for my religious needs and personal identification.

  6. FIts my head like it was custom made. A little itchy at first. Hand wash with a drop of fabric softener and let it air dry. I have thinning hair that I keep short. This keeps my head warm on cool windy days, and prevents sunburn on hot sunny days.

  7. After a cold water wash in the machine and before placing on the clothes line, placed on head to conform to head shape. Yes, it did stretch allowing for wear.

  8. This is a simple skullcap, but the design is nice and it is well made. It fits comfortably, in fact, when I wear it I hardly even know that it is there. It stretches nicely but doesn`t lose shape and it is easy to clean. I was happy with this purchase and look forward to ordering from this company again. The shipping was fast and the item arrived carefully packaged and nicely presented.

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