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  1. Bought this for my son. He saw this kind of hat in one of his video games, not sure which one but he really liked the flap at the back that protects the neck from sunburn. He`s always really hated sunscreen but the combo of dad with red hair and pale skin mom with pale skin has produced an even whiter kid and he gets sunburned in just a few minutes, so this hat is perfect for him. The brim has pretty good coverage too, it really shades most of the face. As for the size, he has the xlarge, our family has big heads, so be sure to measure your head as this hat comes in different sizes.Somehow the hat ended up smelling like smelly shoes so I tossed it into the wash with all the other clothes on regular cycle, it came out perfect. I dried it, by hanging it off the handlebar of my bicycle.

  2. I bought this hat for some in the roofing company I work for. I haven`t actually worn it quite yet, the company name is still being put on, but I will give my initial opinion.-Why you DO want a “foreign legion“ kepi (flap hat)- protects back of neck better than a brim hat, protects the side of the face close to as well, and the front just as well, all with added overhead movement. and the wind doesn`t catch it as easy. Perfect for roofers and any one needing to reach over head or Carry or put things on their shoulders frequently, and good for outdoorsmen.-Why you DON`T want a foreign legion kepi- Doesn`t look nearly as good as a brim hat or baseball cap, the flap irritates the neck of some wearers.-Why you want THIS hat- heavy weight cloth material, nice classic look, covers ears (not all foreign legion kepis do), convenient place to attach company name in front, crushable, washable.-Why you don`t want THIS hat- no size adjustment string or strap, flap does doesn`t completely cover neck (but does cover 90-95%), its a little loose (I got the small)

  3. Not a fashion statement. Just a good, reliable hat to wear when working in the yard at noon or so! I got two sizes: one for before, one for after, a hair cut. When these get dirty it`s tough to wear them out in mixed company, so if you want the benefit of neck coverage out in public, get another and keep it separate. Maybe a different color would be better.All in all … Oh, I have ordered pairs of these several times. So if being a repeat customer counts, there`s that.

  4. This is the best hat ever. I love it, it`s ridiculous for all the right reasons. Only thing is it`s a bit loose on my head. Probably should have ordered smaller but I have no idea how big my head is and just guessed. It`s good quality and I would certainly buy another.

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