Free products:Revony Evony Pocket – Warm and Soft Pocket Cap – reviews Amazon

Revony Evony Pocket - Warm and Soft Pocket Cap

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100% acrylic acid
this ultra-soft, lightweight eaves-less cap provides a variety of colors, from classic to fashionable, making you feel comfortable and warm, thus inspiring your style
by delicate knitting. The fabric and rib details are well suited for both men and women. It can be folded at cuffs or worn straight. It is light enough to fold into pockets
and made of high quality acrylic. After numerous wears and tear, it can still maintain its shape and comfort
dimension. It is the most suitable size for safety and fit, and can be fully stretched when necessary.

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  1. I got this pretty quickly, just waited like 4 days, and when it came I was so excited because I`ve never owned a beanie before. I put it on immediately, and my family complimented me (I got the grayish one) right away. It`s pretty fashionable, and I use it on most of my outfits. It`s also pretty reasonable price for the quality. It`s stretchable, so it fits pretty much any head type, I`ve been joked about having a “giant head“ compared to the rest of my family.

  2. This is a LIGHTWEIGHT beanie, this means it`s thin…not poor quality, it`s the DESIGN. I love this beanie, as someone who is hot fairly often, most beanies i get too hot it, this does a far superior job of not over-heating me. I highly recommend to anybody in this same situation. I DO NOT recommend to someone living in Fargo.

  3. Bought this for my trip to Iceland, it was perfect. As most of you could guess it pretty could there year long. This was heavy enough to keep my head and ears warm but lightweight enough to not over heat me while hiking.

  4. I bought this for my husband. He has thicker knitted caps, but he wanted something more lightweight for when it`s cool or breezy, but not cold.He loves the colour. It`s muted, like nice light beach sand. It isn`t gray, beige or khaki really and is darker than an ivory.He really likes this hat. Hehas a larger head and this hat accommodates his man bun comfortably.

  5. The material is lightweight so your head doesn`t overheat when it`s not extremely cold. I have no hair left on my head and need something to insulate my head when it`s in the 30`s and 40`s.I wore it daily for a couple months and now it shows signs of wear. The material is getting fuzzy and looks much older than it is, so I`m not sure how long it will last.It`s difficult to find the right weight material. I have many other beanies that I like but are too warm for northeast Tennessee.

  6. Finally a hat that fits my small child-like head yet isn’t a kids hat. I’m in love with this hat. It’s light and breathable. Bright color, doesn’t feel itchy on my mostly bald head (I have alopecia and male pattern baldness)Would definitely recommend. After receiving this one, I ordered one in black and plan on ordering more colors.Thank you so much. It’s been a journey trying to find the right hats for me, especially when I sometimes just need my head to breathe. This item allows your head to do that.

  7. The Revony beanie feels amazing. It is very lightweight and extremely comfortable. This beanie will keep your head warm while looking stylish. The material may seem a fragile, but it is very durable. I recommend it 100% if you are a big fan of beanies or if you are getting started.

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