7 thoughts on “Free products:Ripple Junction Bob&39; s Burgers Louise hat – reviews Amazon”

  1. This made Xmas for my 11-year-old​, she is a huge fan of Bobs Burgers. This hat is of FAR better quality than I would have thought. It shipped FAST!. My daughter has gotten many compliments and looks of envy. HIGHLY recommended

  2. Fits great, looks great, the only issue I have is sometimes the ears won`t stay up straight. I think if one could get inside the ear material and futz with the wires it would be fine, but I don`t trust myself to stitch it back up properly.

  3. I was hesitant on buying my bunny ears online as some reviews I`ve read complained of limp ears or the hat being too small, but this was perfect! The ears have metal wiring in them that hold them up and the size is just right. The wires are shaped into the actual ear size, so it shapes the entire ear and keeps it up without some of the fabric being loose (not just one wire that will poke through the top of the ear). I have a large head and super thick long hair. So, fitting this cap on was going to be challenge enough considering I was also wearing a wig, but it stayed on all night without me having to constantly pull it down. Louise Belcher is my spirit animal, so I`ll totally be getting my money`s worth out of these! 🙂

  4. I was a little skeptical to order these because of the mixed reviews, but I really like them. They have wire in the ears so you can adjust them how you want. The ears fall forward a little bit, but they stand up if you pull the hat down from the back. Great for cosplaying and Halloween. I’d reccomend to everyone and I can’t wait to wear them for Halloween.

  5. These ears can’t be beet. They’re super Louisey. When my daughter puts them on, it’s like she’s channeling Louise. And they’re eggcellent quality. They will meat all your costumey needs. You may disabrie, but I think they’re a must for any Bob’s Burgers Home!

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