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CanaKit Raspberry Pi 4 Basic Kit (4GB RAM)

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Includes Raspberry Pi 4 Model B with 1.5GHz 64-bit quad-core ARMv8 CPU (4GB RAM)
CanaKit USB-C Power Supply with Noise Filter (UL Listed) specially designed for the Raspberry Pi 4 (5-foot cable)
CanaKit USB-C PiSwitch (On/Off Power Switch)
Set of 3 Aluminum Heat Sinks for the Raspberry Pi 4

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  1. I bought this model, heat sink and power supply off the CanaKit website. The 2gb model is excellent so far as a tiny Linux PC. I think with a few more updates it will be able to play 720p movies well. Right now it is great for browsing the internet and word processing. This is much more powerful than the pi 3. I have not used all 2gb of ram yet. I don`t see myself getting the 4gb model anytime soon as (right now) the main bottle neck is still the CPU/GPU. Though this could change in the future. (7/8/2019)

  2. This kit is a great way to get started with the RaspberryPi 4. The included power supply, rated 5.1v@3.5A, provides more than enough power for the higher demands of the RPi 4. The getting started guide hasn`t been updated and still refers to information specific to the RPi 3 and there was no indication for correct placement of the 3 included heat sinks. While the hardware deserves 5 stars the outdated information cost it a star.

  3. I also noticed that the documentation had not been updated for the Pi 4. I purchased a separate kit that included a Pi 4 case, heatsinks and a fan so I used those heatsinks instead of the ones that came with this kit. But, for those wondering which chips get the 3 included heatsinks, here you go:1. The big, square heatsink goes on the big silver Broadcom chip2. The medium, rectangular heatsink goes on the chip adjacent to the Broadcom chip labeled 9FD773. The smallest, square heatsink goes on the chip behind the USB3 connectors labeled VLIThis is a good kit and one of the first and best priced offereings on Amazon for the Pi 4. It was comparable in price to other US sellers but being distributed via Amazon was one of the first to ship these out to US customers. The power supply and switch is nice although the wall wart part is rather bulky.I think these Pi 4 kits should also come with a micro HDMI cord or two given that this type of connection is new to these computers.

  4. Super easy and works great with Buster distro. Easily capable of running 2-4 concurrent streams of Plex media with no lag or issues. Set up a Minecraft server running too and it has absolutely no issues doing so. Highly recommend.

  5. The Raspberry Pi 4 is noticeable performance boost over Raspberry Pi 3; I use it as an alternative desktop. I use a 128GB SDcard (format to FAT and installs NOOBS onto it). The standard OS installation includes development software and the Chromium browser. It handles web pages very well although I limit the number of tabs and windows. I installed the Pi 4 into a case by C4 Labs; the case has a fan. This model has the USB-C bug but this isn`t a problem because I only plan to use the included power supply. Previously, I used Pi 3 as a desktop computer but felt severely constrained re web pages and apps. Pi 4 is a great upgrade.

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