Free products:EVGA 750 GQ, 80 GOLD 750W, Semi Modular, EVGA ECO Mode, 5 Year Warranty, Power Supply 210-GQ-0750-V1 – reviews Amazon

EVGA 750 GQ, 80  GOLD 750W, Semi Modular, EVGA ECO Mode, 5 Year Warranty, Power Supply 210-GQ-0750-V1

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EVGA 750 GQ: Great Quality, Great Value, Active Clamp DC to DC design for efficient operation
80 PLUS Gold certified, with 90% (115VAC) / 92% (220VAC~240VAC) efficiency or higher under typical loads. Operating Temperature 0° to 50° C
Fan Size / Bearing: 135 millimeters Fluid Dynamic Bearing, Modular Design to reduce clutter and improve airflow
Heavy duty protections, including OVP, UVP, OCP, OPP, SCP, and OTP
5 Year Warranty

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  1. Over 3,600 reviews on this already so why add another? Because there are two things you need to know in addition to the fact that the power supply itself is bulletproof and basically flawless when measures on an oscilloscope:1) YOU ONLY GET THE 10 YEAR WARRANTY IF YOU REGISTER WITHIN 30 DAYS2) The fan is very loudI bought this based on a couple primary factors, which were EVGA quality and customer service and the fact that the ECO mode lets this operate with 0 RPM fan when the power draw is under ~50% rated value (mine kicks on at about 350 watts in ECO mode). First, the warranty issue. By itself I would think that having to jump through the minor hoop of registering a product to get the best warranty is totally acceptable. Seems reasonable, right? However, EVGA`s normal warranty is that if you own their product you get the full warranty. This is a great thing and makes getting service for your EVGA product, even if you bought it second hand, incredibly easy. Kudos to EVGA for doing business this way. My mistake for thinking that applied for the 10 year warranty offer here, but that`s not the case. You must register within 30 days to get 10 years, otherwise you lose *7 years of warranty and just get the standard 3 year warranty.* That`s a HUGE loss. And it`s not like there`s not bright yellow insert in the package as a reminder. I only found out about this when going to register it along with my another EVGA product I had just purchased (loyal customer, here!). Major, major disappointment and a huge fail on EVGA`s part, in my opinion. Consider yourself warned!Fan noise. I bought this purposely to be more than 2x what I needed so that the fan never kicked on and that the efficiency was optimized (roughly 50% load is most efficient on most PSUs), but I didn`t think that if I needed the fan to run it would be so loud. It`s the loudest part of my build unless the GPU is running full tilt, and even then it`s a close contest. It doesn`t sound broken; it`s just honest, air-moving loud fan noise. But I have never heard a PSU fan be this loud. I had a 650 watt Corsair unit once that was so robust it survived and worked fine 24/7 while being completely filled with alkali dust in a desert environment, and you couldn`t even hear the fan with your ear 6 inches away. I`ve heard a 1200 watt Seasonic unit that was quieter while moving a lot of air. Not sure what the deal is here but do not buy this if you are looking for silent computing unless you did what I did and purposely designed for ECO mode to always be functioning.I`ve still given this 4 stars. Much love to EVGA and I will continue to buy their excellent products. But be warned on these two items if you care about getting your full warranty or fan noise.

  2. The old power supply was not keeping up with power requirements, causing memory to fail. I ordered this as an upgrade and it works great.Customer service was also great. The wires are plainly marked for what they connect to. However, I still had a couple of questions about the connections. A live person was right there with the answers. The tester was missing from my box. I told them that it was not in the box, but I didn`t think that it was necessary. They insisted that I should have it and sent it to me right away by USPS. (It`s a simple small device.)And unlike other power supplies being sold here on Amazon, there was plenty of length in all of the wires. I had no problems making the connections. (My old power supply even had an extension on one wire that the new wires did not need.)The power supply also has the option of regulating the fans for my computer, turning them on/off as needed. Something that I have taken advantage of. So now, my fans are not running all of the time.I would not hesitate to purchase another if I needed a power supply.It`s been in my computer for a couple of months now and is still working great.

  3. I purchased this in January 2015, and it was a solid PS until one day in September 2017 when I heard a POP on booting, smelled some burned electronics and my computer wouldn`t power up. I swapped the power supply with another I had on hand, and the computer booted fine, though with less peripherals because the ps I swapped in was 600W. The board this was powering was running an AMD FX9590 running at 4.7Mhz, an Nvidia GTX960 and multiple peripherals and drives.When I purchased this product I had forgotten to register for the warranty, but was allowed to do so with a copy of the receipt from an online account, and a serial number from the unit. After registering for the warranty, I contacted customer service through a trouble ticket and described what happened, and they immediately authorized an RMA. Shipping and insurance from the East coast to West coast cost $20 (flat rate USPS), but considering that these Power Supplies now cost more than double what I originally paid for it, the $20 is well worth it.So it was RMA`d on Friday, shipped on Saturday, and received on Monday in Brea, CA. Turn around time was 10 days from me sending out the damaged power supply to getting a new/repaired one. I`m very happy with the repair, and I still have 7 1/2 years on the warranty.I`m EVGA customer for life.

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