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  1. My son usually tears up his backpack within the first month of school. This backpack still looks like new several months later. We may actually make it through the year with just this one backpack (instead of the usual two to three!). Jansport always makes a quality product at a reasonable price.

  2. I ordered it 02 Aug, and received it 12 Aug. I`m in love with this color! It`s so cute! The bottom has a lower chance of getting scrapped up also! It has 5 zippers, and perfect for storing everything!!

  3. I met someone at the airport who had a jansport. She recommended it to me and I am glad she did. I love the color (mint green). But more important, it is so well designed. There are two deep sleeves for books and a laptop. And smaller pockets for whatever: pens, pencils, little notebooks, etc. Lots of room. And it`s still very compact. I am a teacher. So the JanSport gives me enough space for papers and books. It sits comfortably on my back and the weight is evenly distributed. I also like the leather stitching at the bottom. It reinforces the weight and I think it will help save wear and tear.I take good care of it as I want it to last. I love it.

  4. Love this backpack! I upgraded to this from my old big student backpack (it was still in great condition but I was ready for a change). It’s well-made and fits a ton of stuff. I carry my laptop, four books, a notebook, a planner, and a pencil case in just the main compartment. I also carry a lunch container with me, as well as a few other school supplies. Yes, it’s heavy and it is bulky, but I carries everything I need for a day at school. I am very happy with this purchase!

  5. It’s a JanSport. My JanSport college backpack is still floating around my family 25 years later. Sturdy and roomy. This one is NOT waterproof but they do sell waterproof backpacks which college students will want. One downpour walking across campus with a laptop inside could ruin your day. But this is perfect for my HS son who doesn’t have to walk across an open campus. And will be used for many years to come if it’s like my original JanSport!

  6. Met my expectations as Jansport always does. Size is big enough for college texts, binders and 15” laptop. Style is great, the brown on the bottom is a thin leathery fabric was hoping for a “suede” finish but it works and looks fine, not mad at all.Only con for me which was kind of a big one (for me, hence the 4/5) was the laptop divider or sleeve area isn’t padded, was really hoping for an extra level of protection there.*disclaimer: I’ve previously owned two top tier or high quality Jansports for myself and they do come with all bells and whistles i.e. padded laptop protection – but after the last one was stolen within a year of spending that kind of money I had to “downgrade”. I am still very happy with this purchase, I actually bought 2.

  7. It came in such a good condition, it has so many pockets where I was able to fit everything. My computer is a 13inch with a bag for extra protection and it fits well, I’ll come back if anything goes wrong but so far it’s great!

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