Free products:XDesign Travel Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port Anti-Theft Lock [Water Resistant] Slim Durable College School Computer Bookbag for Women, Men, Outdoor Camping&Fits Up to 16-inch Notebook – reviews Amazon

XDesign Travel Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port  Anti-Theft Lock [Water Resistant] Slim Durable College School Computer Bookbag for Women, Men, Outdoor Camping&Fits Up to 16-inch Notebook

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Maximum Storage- Equipped with a surplus of storage compartments for bottles and other travel accessories. Features a laptop pocket for computers up to 16”.
Tech-Friendly- Featuring a headphone jack to listen to music hands-free as well as a built-in USB port. Charge your electronic devices with ease while on the go.
Stylish Design- This backpack is lined with a durable yet breathable Oxford fabric to provide a lightweight travel experience. This high-quality water resistant material protects your belongings from all elements.
Enforced Security- Includes a front buckle and secure zippers to protect your valuables from potential theft.
Unmatched Comfort- Complete with adjustable straps and a cushioned backside to ease pressure on the neck and shoulders while providing travel convenience.

3 thoughts on “Free products:XDesign Travel Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port Anti-Theft Lock [Water Resistant] Slim Durable College School Computer Bookbag for Women, Men, Outdoor Camping&Fits Up to 16-inch Notebook – reviews Amazon”

  1. First, I was compensated for buying this backpack for review. None the less, this is my honest opinion on the backpack.The backpack has a lot going for it, its light weight, has a lot a security functionality, has built in power bank support, come with a good amount of padding and is very stylish.The side of the backpack as built in USB charge port and it does come with the cable that attaches to the power bank. Laptop/tablet pocket has a good amount of padding, it good enough that I feel safe hauling my surface book. Nice clip in front to know that it has to be unbuckled to gain access to the contents of the bag, and there is a security pouch on the back of the backpack, I keep my wallet and cellphone back there when I don`t feel like putting them in my pocket.My only gripes with this backpack is that it doesn`t have a whole lot of room but if your a minimalist than this might not be a con for you.Overall, price for what you get is good.

  2. Been looking for a packpack to hold my laptop and possibly iPad and other items. Came across this backpark and I am very impressed.The material of the backpack is pretty thick, I can expect this to go through some abuse. Description claims this is waterproof but I never tried. it has a “lock“ in the front, you need to use some force to open it which serves its purpose. One thing I really like about this backpack is all the partitions. As you can see in the picture, the laptop goes to the back of the backpack and there is a strap to hold it in place. You can also fit the iPad in there. There are other partitions where you can put pens, rechargeable battery, and other items.I love that in the back side of the backpack, at the bottom, there is another zipper holder where you can store your valuables like passport (hard for other people to see and closest to your body).On the side of the backpack there is a hole where you can fit earphone lines through (if you store your device inside), I expect this to be less popular soon since people are going wireless. Below the hold is the USB charging port, where inside is another attached cable that you can connect to the rechargeable battery.There are also side pockets on each side of the backpack where you can store bottle of water, that`s another plus (especially if the backpack is waterproof).Overall for the price, I am really happy with this backpack! Definitely will be using this a lot when I travel!

  3. Below is my experience using this backpack. I try to detail what I thought is good, what’s just OK, and what is not so great. All without telling you on what to spend your money. I hope this review helps you make the right decision for you.The backpack is clearly manufactured well. The material and stitching has a strong feel to it like a tough pair of jeans. Even the areas that are glued and not stitched together (there aren’t many) seemed carefully done as there isn’t adhesive smears all around those seams.The appearance is nice. At first I thought, “oh wow grey / beige what a daring edgy color this must be so special…. “ *eye rolling emoji* Well, actually the color works for the bag and the theme!lre importantly it goes with everything I wear!!!This is a modern smart backpack and the clean design and minimalist color scheme makes it look new trendy and millennial.On the outside is a zippered pocket. I wanted to immediately see how this would hold my phone or anything after being rained on or dropped in a puddle. The material is water resistant… I’m not sure I’d keep my phone in any outside pocket but pens papers calculators I’m sure would be fine. Besides there are better spots hidden in this bag for your phone . The material does repel water quite well. Water beads up and rolls off readily and the is a brilliant protective flap over the zipper to prevent seepage.Inside the main compartment is the obligatory laptop / tablet sleeve. It’s a decent size for today’s devices and the padding is adequate. What I like the most is how centralized the sleeve is. Protected by the sleeve padding and also my back when I wear it and even the books I carried with it lay in a way that buffer the protection.So far it’s stylish, safe, and with its interior and exterior pockets it has plenty of storage for a day bag. But is it really a Smart back? I would say it’s had a few classes. It does have a convenient pouch for a power brick and the connection wiring to an external charging port. That is really great and very smart indeed. The external port is located where even if you toss the bag on the couch or floor the port is easily accessible. It really is ideal because if you’re like me I hate the thought of lugging my power brick in its own case . Just another thing to carry. With this backpack the brick basically is stored away in a hidden liner in the bag and you’ll forget it’s there … that is until you need a re-charge and since you were smart and chose this bag you’ll be full power in no time. While you’re recharging you can listen to tunes connected to the audio port. Basically the same design principle as the charging port. Keeping your smartphone or music device safety inside and allowing you to listen with out the risk of the device being exposed to the elements.Here is what you need to know when considering this backpack. To summarize my experience these past few days with this bag I would have to say it is a very good deal. It is stylish (more color options would be nice). It is tough. The material and construction are clearly durable and will handle every day wear quite well. The storage is limited as it’s a smaller backpack but it’s sufficient and more importantly it’s well padded since this is a smart bag that will be carrying smart devices.I enjoyed the opportunity to check out this new product and to offer my experience. I hope it’s helped you all to make a choice that’s right for you as this bag is right for my needs.

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