Free products:303 30616CSR Products Inc Fabric Guard 16 Oz. Sprayer – reviews Amazon

303 30616CSR Products Inc Fabric Guard 16 Oz. Sprayer

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Restores lost water and stain repellency to factory new levels
Provides strong resistance against soiling
Protects against water-based and oil-based stains
Does not alter fabric color, feel, flammability or breathability
Safe for the synthetic or natural fibers

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  1. Wow! I never write reviews, but had to on this one. I ordered a gallon size and spayed the whole gallon on the cover of our boat which had completely lost its water resistance. It`s a 24th boat, so the cover is large. I used a weed sprayer to get even coverage. I simply cannot believe the results! Water now just pours off the canvas! I will post picture (cover laid out before treating) and video (watch that water run off!). I`m so delighted! This jug just saved us about $2,000!

  2. This is the very best fabric guard that we have found over decades of searching. Excellent for fabric auto roofs, boat canopies, and garden umbrellas. If you have many of these fabric items, made from Sunbrella fabric, this is the protectant that the manufacturer of Sunbrella fabric recommends. We have used it for years now with the best results. We now have the need for this gallon wihich we place in a gallon garden pump sprayer. This applies the 303 Fabric Guard the most uniform and quicker than we could ever do otherwise.We have very hot summers and high rainfall. Application of this 303 Fabric Guard is essential if you want to prolong the life of your outdoor fabrics, which of course, we do. We highly recommend this product.

  3. I have tried all the other brands and this really is the best stuff to waterproof your canvas or Sunbrella! Not only does it waterproof better, it does not leave black lines running down the sides after a rain like many other products I have used over the years. Cheaper to buy by the gallon!!

  4. Update: The water proofing lasted about 90 days and was so-so at best. Yeah, the water would bead up… But if the bead sat on the fabric it just soaked right in after a minute or two. Once the product wore off completely it was noticeable- the top started to drink water like crazy. It`s been 12 months now and the top absorbs so much water that it smells musty the following day after a rain or wash. I will say that I am simply blown away by the rich black color of the top in my review picture because it certainly isn`t that black after it wears off! Even though I recently used a dye product to try and restore some color! So I`ll definitely be ordering again today. And this time I will brush it on instead of using the spray.(Rating reduced from 5 stars to 4)Exceptional product! Restored the ten year old top on my Pontiac Solstice back to looking like new. Will update with product video after it dries.FYI, I sprayed wildly with the product with absolutely no regard for over spray on paint or glass. I had zero issues. I had a microfiber towel handy, and I made sure I let it sit for no more than fifteen seconds before wiping it off, and most importantly, I moved to a clean portion of the towel without residue between wipes. I got this stuff EVERYWHERE. And the back window was literally saturated with it after spraying the trim. Cleaned right up, no hazing or anything.If you DO miss some spots during wipe up, meguiars ultimate compound will remove it in seconds with no hard scrubbing or damage to paint or glass.It took roughly 5/6 of the bottle to do a deep saturation on my two seater. But the top had clearly lost its water repelling effects years ago – so your milage may vary.

  5. Our vacation rental property has the Ikea Ektorp white slipcover sectional in the sunroom directly off the pool area. Even though we have 2 covers to interchange it still meant CONSTANT washing from the normal issues caused by kids, spills, and vacation fun. This is life, and we are so happy people are enjoying our home but it gets exhausting trying to pre-treat and remove stains every 4-7 days. Since IKEA has changed their fiber for the slipcovers (no longer 100% cotton) and bleaching isn`t possible on the new fibers, I wanted to try and protect our old version as long as possible.There are often wet bathing suits and food stains so I tried this out to see if it would help prevent the color transfer and help guests have time to clean up spills before they soak in. *We also use Dash & Albert indoor/outdoor rugs on top of the larger jute rugs so spills can be cleaned off the rugs as well.So far this has done an AMAZING job at prolonging the time between washings!!I purchased a gallon to save money, transferred some to a new spray bottle (you can get these at Home Depot or Big Lots) and prepared the slipcovers.TIP: Be sure to use as little laundry detergent as possible (and use non-scented) & then rinse at least twice. The online product info is very specific about the product only working when NO residual product remains on the fabric so I usually do a normal wash (with minimal baby detergent), a second wash with only vinegar and borax, and then 2 rinse cycles. Yes…it`s exhausting but I`ve noticed it makes a HUGE difference in how well this works compared to when I`m rushed and just apply it after a normal wash/dry cycle.After careful cleaning, multiple rinses, and being laid out on clean towels in the driveway I just spray this over all the pieces being sure to get the piping and edges extremely well since these collect the most dirt and color. They then lay out to dry in the sun for the rest of the day, are put in a sterile bag in the garage overnight (we have them from our business) and the steps are repeated the next day on the opposite side.There is a very strong chemical smell that will last for at least 8 hours (odorless mineral spirits is used as the carrier to help it penetrate the fabric, but as anyone who works with this product knows…it`s not actually oderless) so be sure to allow plenty of sunny weather time for it to dry and air out. Only use it outdoors in a well venerated area, away from all animals, and start in the morning (going through the wash steps the day before) so they have plenty of time to air out.I’ve made drop cloth cabana-style curtains for the attached pergola`s. Even though we live in San Diego and don`t see a lot of rainfall the nighttime due and random rain showers meant they would only last 4-5 months before growing mold & mildew stains that couldn`t be bleached out and I had to make new curtains. I just replaced 4 of them last week and sprayed each one (front & back) down with this to help slow any mildew issues caused by moisture…so far it`s working great.I haven`t noticed any change to the fabrics color, feel, or durability after using this religiously for the past 6 months, although a few of our sofa cushions did develop yellow areas that cannot be bleached out but I don`t know if that`s a result of this or a guest…

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