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  1. I actually get this for my dog, as strange as that sounds, but he has a terribly acidic stomach (recommended based on his vet, not a recommendation to use randomly). This is a good amount so I don`t have to purchase often and it`s a good price. Plus, it`s easy to give my dog and helps with his medical issues.

  2. Great value for the amount you get. This is an every day, twice a day, medicine for me…so I am glad I found this insanely affordable option that does its job!

  3. Works well. Not as good as nexium for long term reflux or very but for indigestion, like your about to eat something like pizza or picante which usually disagrees with you it works fast. I take one everyday and one before the triggers for what I call sour stomach. I take it with my daily nexium or whichever ppi is on sale.

  4. This works very well, and at a decent price. I finally just started putting one in with my night pills because if I don`t take it at night I wake up with reflux. The last time I put my pills together I forgot about it, probably because I haven`t had reflux in a good while because I`ve been taking them regularly. Well the first night not taking them I woke up with reflux again. So these absolutely work. Glad to be able to buy a large bottle of them.

  5. My wife received a prescription for this drug at a higher dosage, our Part D insurance refused to honor it and local over the counter was pretty pricey. By getting this lower dosage and just double it worked out quite well. My wife loves the freedom this med gives her from the heartburn that was haunting her. It was a great experiment and we will stock up as necessary now.

  6. Famotidine is a staple in our medicine cabinet. In case you`re not sure, this is essentially what makes up Pepcid, without the AC or any of the other acronym versions that contain other things. I don`t necessarily have heart burn or anything like that, but I do feel nauseous often. I found out about Famotidine when I went to the hospital with the stomach flu one year because I couldn`t stop vomiting. They gave me IV fluids with Famotidine. From that point, I have always kept it in our cabinet. It`s fantastic with stopping you from feeling nauseous which is what I use it for most often. What people may not know, if you`re a pet owner, you can also give this version to you pet (again, because it doesn`t have anything else). So if our dog is nauseous or has a bout of vomiting, we give her this. What makes this product even better? Super affordable which makes it the one to get – it works and it`s affordable.

  7. I didn`t really think that this product would work when I order it, but I wanted to check it out. Based on what I had been paying for Omeprazol, this 1 bottle would have to cost $161.90 to match the same pill count of Omeprazol. My week of trying this product has concluded. No more costly Omeprazol for me. I am now paying 1/10 of what I once spent for heartburn relief. If you don`t try this product, you will continue to waste your money.

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