Free products:Depend Incontinence Guards for Men, Maximum Absorbency, 2 Packs of 52, 104 Total Count (Packaging May Vary) – reviews Amazon

Depend Incontinence Guards for Men, Maximum Absorbency, 2 Packs of 52, 104 Total Count (Packaging May Vary)

Depend Guards Incontinence Pads for Men with maximum absorbency for larger surges of wetness – Now more flexible than previous Depend Guards for Men
Cup-like shape for close fit without bulk and strong adhesive to lock the Guard in place in your briefs or boxer briefs
Disposable incontinence pads with Comfort-Flex leak barriers for comfortable protection when active
Bladder leakage protection with worry-free odor control that`s individually wrapped in a pocket-sized, discreet-to-carry grey pouch
Masculine-looking pads designed to fit a man`s body and are FSA-eligible in the US only – packaging may vary in your order
Packaging may vary from image shown

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  1. My husband has incontinence issues due to prostate and urinary surgery. Incontinence, I think, can be even more difficult for men, going by his experience. I won`t say "he loves" these pads, who would? But he feels they suit him the best. And this is a permanent issue. There is no odor either. He says they feel more comfortable and secure for him.

  2. I buy these for my small senior dogs who wear washable diapers due to incontinence. One has kidney failure, and drinks tons of water, so a high quality product like this really helps. These guards absorb more than any of the women`s products I`ve tried, yet they cost less. They are perfect for overnight, and it has been the only product successful in preventing leaks.

  3. I could not be more pleased . I am caring for a friend who suffers from overflow incontinence due to a neurological disorder . He had been using Teena medium absorbency pads ( which are great for the day by the way ) . He tried pull ups for sleeping as well as the Teena`s and there was always leakage which meant a wipe down with wet wipes , change of underwear and change of bed pads . In the evenings it was a constant battle to keep clean and keep dry . Always creating lots of laundry and lots of trash going through many disposable bed pads as well as leaking onto waterproof mats . These are a god send . They do not leak ! They have gathered edges that keep all the liquid in place . I could not be more happy to of found these and that they work so well . Saving us all from uncomfortable messes and being more disturbed in the night . Now it`s just a trip to the bathroom and the changing of a pad , even his underwear was still dry ! So happy this product exists , I can`t recommend enough .

  4. If you are caring for someone who has incontinence issues, or if you are a man dealing with this, these guards are a big help.With my Dad, who is constantly cold and wears several layers of clothing, to change him through out the day, can be very time consuming.He wears his regular trousers or jeans but also long johns, all year long.Before I discovered the inserts, I had to get Dad completely undressed from waist down just to change a wet Depends.(Because there are no decent day time diapers with tabs, so they have to be pulled on from the feet up, not placed on like a child`s diaper with tabs on the side.)Now when Dad has only been wearing the Depends a couple of hours but I want him to feel dry, you just swop in a new insert for the old and he is all set, nice and dry in a few seconds, with out completely un dressing.

  5. I had my prostatectomy 22 years ago and have been using these pads for about the last 20 years. They have some quality control problems, that is, sometimes you will get a pack where the seams on the pads come apart, and sometimes you get a pack where the adhesive that holds the pad in place is insufficient, but I have tried most of the pads on the market and these appear to me the best value for the money. Warts and all, I will continue to buy them.

  6. When everything lines up, this pad is great and does the job (hence 4 stars)…the only thing is the design apparently being a women`s pad adapted for men. Tena makes a pad that takes into consideration the anatomy of a man which I have found to be better at catching all of the urine no matter what side you wear "it" on.

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