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  1. I walk daily for my exercise and as I`ve increased my walking distance there is a part in the upper back of my running shoe that irritates and hurts the back of my foot. It was not time to buy new running shoes so what was I to do. I had heard of moleskin working but doubted it. When I saw it as an add on at such a reasonable price here on Amazon thought I`d give it a shot. Dr. Scholl`s Moleskin Plus has proven to be a true wonder for me. It comes in a lengthy roll and I cut out the size I need to cover the part of my heel that gets irritated. And voila, the pain is gone! The padding is a very effective thickness without being too thick. It is very easy to pull the adhesive backing off and apply. It never falls off yet is very easy to remove when I want to and leaves no sticky residue. If I forget to take it off and shower it remains on and just as effective. Amazing stuff! Of course this would not be recommended for pain that is caused by something requiring medical attention but for any running shoe, dress shoe etc. this product does indeed provide all day comfort. I can be out for over 12 hours and its effectiveness never goes away. I have already stocked up and purchased 2 more boxes. Highly recommend!

  2. (1) ACTUALLY STICKS: I haven`t ever found tape that sticks well enough to protect my feet throughout an entire day of wearing heels! Other similar products always fell off after a couple hours, particularly if I sweat at all. However, this tape is able to stick no matter what.(2) THICK: This product is thick enough to actually protect your feet from blisters, but is thin enough that it doesn`t affect your ability to still fit in your shoe. I find that it actually helps my heels fit better since it fills in the extra space in your shoe.* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *CONS:(1) CUT TO SIZE: The major negative about this product is that you have to cut adhesive strips to size. However, if you need to apply the tape on a couple different places, its somewhat helpful to not have precut strips since you can make sure that you get the size exactly correct.(2) COLOR: The tape is somewhat tan. So if you have fair skin, you will need to make sure that you place the tape so that it doesn`t stick our of your shoes.* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *OVERALL: This is an amazing product and I will be ordering it again. It`s the only adhesive tape that I have ever found that actually sticks to my feet well enough to product me from blisters and cuts. [Its worth noting that others might find this product sticks too well, because when you pull it off, you will feel some discomfort. However, I wear heels to work and walk about 3/4 of a mile to my office–so that products durability is perfect for me.]

  3. I know this product is intended for applying directly to skin where shoes rub, but I instead apply it directly to troublesome areas on shoes and it works great. Undoubtedly I have bought shoes that seem to fit fine until they are worn outside and I am left with a painful blister making me not want to wear the shoes again. I just cut a patch of this to fit on the back heel area of a pair of problem shoes with an annoying seam and voila! This doesn`t add bulk since it`s relatively thin in comparison to actual heel grips, plus it`s pliable making it versatile to put just about anywhere on a shoe. I have also used this on flip flops on the toe bar and the underside of the straps, and on the inside toe area of a pair of problem shoes.

  4. I purchased this item for an alternative purpose…repair of underwire bras. I got tired of having underwires poking through fabric sides on my bra and causing me discomfort. When it happened to a nearly new item, I used darning stitches to repair it. After one wash, it came back through the material. Bras are not cheap and I didn`t like having to replace them early or put up with continual discomfort so I looked for a better fix on the internet. This is it! All you have to do is push the underwire back into place and cut a small piece of moleskin over the place it was sticking out of. It`s self-adhesive, so you don`t need to sew it into place. You can`t feel it when wearing your bra and it stays where you put it. The only issue I`ve had is it can come loose if you machine wash it. When that has happened, I simply put a new piece of moleskin on the bra when it has line dried. It`s fast it`s easy and you can make a lot of repairs with one box of moleskin.

  5. My new job requires me to wear nice, closed toed shoes. Since I don`t like heels, my only option is flats. I bought a great new pair for the job, but the first day I wore them, within 10 minutes my ankles were bleeding. They didn`t hurt like this in the store, or I wouldn`t have purchased them. I needed the shoes, because I didn`t have any others or time to shop for others. I also couldn`t return them because I`d already worn them outside a bit. I did some research and saw the suggestion of mole skin. I debated and questioned its ability to stick and/or cushion my ankle, but I needed something so I decided to give it a try. Once I had this moleskin on the inside of the back of my flats by my ankles (sticky side on shoe, soft side touching my skin) I couldn`t feel a thing!! I`ve worn them several times without having to change the moleskin or having it come off. It sticks to the shoe very well and keeps my ankles blister and blood free!!!

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