Free products:Earth's Natural Alternative Eco-Friendly, Natural Compostable Plant Fiber 9" Plate, Natural, 20 Count – reviews Amazon

Earth's Natural Alternative Eco-Friendly, Natural Compostable Plant Fiber 9" Plate, Natural, 20 Count

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50 in each case, 9“ Plate
Made from unbleached, chlorine free, pesticide free, dye free, natural discarded wheat stalk and bagasse (sugarcane fiber)
Microwave safe and is liquid/oil resistant. Can be used for both hot and cold foods
Tree-free, environmentally beneficial, compostable in any industrial composting facilities
Material is gluten free – made from the plant stalk not grains, which store the proteins and allergens

8 thoughts on “Free products:Earth's Natural Alternative Eco-Friendly, Natural Compostable Plant Fiber 9" Plate, Natural, 20 Count – reviews Amazon”

  1. Really well-priced, more "green" alternative for paper plates. My kids ate cereal in them on a recent ski trip and there was no seepage ever, even if we forgot to clear the table fast and milk sat in them for hours. Very pleased. Are they pretty…nope. But they are what you expect from a recycled dinnerware. We gave our table some color with other brands of cups and napkins.

  2. My elderly grandparents recently moved in with me due to their advanced age and medical needs. My grandfather in particular can no longer hold onto heavy or slick surfaces such as those found on porcelain, ceramic or even plastic dishes. This has resulted in many dropped and dangerously shattered dishes. Traditional paper, foam and plastic plates are light enough for him to hold but too flimsy to safely and securely hold his food. After trying numerous alternatives, I found these here on Amazon, and they are the answer to my prayers! Though they don`t weigh much, they are definitely heavy-duty; he can pile on as much food as he wants, microwave them without any worries about heat or failure due to wetness, and he can carry them with confidence anywhere. Often, we`re even able to rinse them off and reuse them for more than a single use! Adding such sturdiness to the fact that this brand is chemical-free and environmentally responsible, Earth`s Natural Alternative now has me happily sold on their entire line of products – plates, bowls and all. I could not be more satisfied.

  3. Trying to be nice to the earth by picking these, but they are shipped in a way oversized box with lots of bubble wrap. Fail. It`s just PAPER plates, not crystal.Plates are nice and sturdy.

  4. I bought these for my daughter`s BBQ-themed baby shower. I thought they would be cute because they matched the checkered tan and white tablecloths and burlap table runners, but they ended up being a hit at the party because they`re eco-friendly. I matched them up with tree-free cutlery which I wrapped in napkins tied with yellow twine. Those were an even bigger hit. I just wish I had looked for tree free napkins to wrap them with. The plates are super strong and did not leak onto the table clothes.My family uses paper plates on a regular basis so that we don`t have dishes to do (broken dishwasher) so I`m thinking about getting a monthly subscription. Planning this party has awaken something inside of me making me want to become as eco-friendly as possible. It feels good!

  5. Bought these, the 6" plates, and the bowls for easy and ecological clean-up for a wedding reception, and I decided to test them out today. I made the soggiest food I could think of to test the dishes, and the wooden cutlery I also got. Keep in mind, the knife in the cutlery set is fairly dull.The 9" plate held up really well to the pork chop and beets. Juices soaked into the plate, but not through. When I was done with the food, I took the knife and sawed really hard on the wet spots. It took 73 passes to get through the soaked plate. I could load it up and still hold it with one hand.The bowl needed two hands when full to the brim with soup, but if the bottom is supported and it`s not too full one hand is doable. Soup soaked in, but not through. Used the knife on the bowl, and made 100 passes before giving up.6" plates are sturdy and hold lots of dessert 🙂

  6. These are a great alternative to paper plates. They`re thicker than most paper plates, though they do absorb some liquid so they`re not great for saucy dishes like spaghetti. For those cases in a paper plate situation, I use flimsy thin paper plates supported by one of these thick, sturdy plates. For more ordinary paper plate uses, like burger and potato salad, these are great. I love that they are compostable and even in landfills they should break down relatively quickly.

  7. Great healthy product! Won`t melt in the microwave or give off chemicals. I`ve heard that sawdust is carcinogenic and just think it comes from wood. Paper is made from wood and if you ever use napkins, toilet paper or paper plates you can see fine particles come off of it every time you use it. That`s not good and you`ll ingest residual amounts of it, especially since your hands are always touching paper. Paper plates are lined with plastic which is not good either. I`d rather have food get stuck to this plate and be healthy than have a slippery plastic layer. I also recommend getting "tree free" bamboo based toilet paper, don`t wanna get colon cancer…

  8. I`m on a mission to save the planet by using less plastic. If you have any awareness of what`s going on in the world, the use of plastic straws, plastic plates, plastic bags, plastic utensils, plastic rings for soda, plastic cups, plastic bottles, and plastic everything that never degrades and is slowly killing the world`s sea mammals.So, I decided to try these plates. There are some made out of palm leaves which are great. These are made of wheat straw fiber which according to the website is a recycled leftover product and has no environmental impact.They are great. They don`t absorb water. You can use him for just about every meal or dish you can imagine. Sturdy, lightweight, and you will help save the planet one plate at a time.

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