Free products:Eastern Delights Elite Stainless Steel Beads Urethral Plug, Small – reviews Amazon

Eastern Delights Elite Stainless Steel Beads Urethral Plug, Small

Total length 158 mm, effective length 135 mm, end diameter 10.0 mm, diameter 6 mm bead
material: 304 grade stainless steel, more suitable for penile stretcher
packaging ingredients: 1 penile plug / urethral sound
before and after use, please clean
import; 100% brand-new, do not publicize packaging

7 thoughts on “Free products:Eastern Delights Elite Stainless Steel Beads Urethral Plug, Small – reviews Amazon”

  1. evil fun-not too bad going in but remove slowly for a series of "pops" or pull out smoothly for a startling sensation-like any urethral toy be sure this is clean and well lubed-challenging for beginners but defiantly doable however don`t try this one first-empirical tip: I use a liquid lube that comes in a pump bottle from AMAZON not the heavier lube like KY that is recommended-The liquid seems to work better for me

  2. I`ve been sounding for a couple of years using Rosebuds and Hegars and a penis plug. I thought this would add a little something different…and it does. If you love the feel of metal in your shaft, this is a great one for beginners and men with no more than an 8mm opening.Too bad we can`t post photos…

  3. Complete noob here. For kidney stones the bigger the pipe, the less painful the final leg of the journey will be. This item is well made, completely smooth, but still a little too big at 6mm. Didn`t want to invest in sounds but that is the surest way to start as small as needed.

  4. Good quality, but not for beginners! If you use it too fast it`ll tear you up.

  5. Fun but small. This is definitely for beginners. My friend has taken me to several new heights with her full set so I am more a beginner to intermediate. But I still love this nice tool. It`s small enough and thin enough that i am comfortable using it myself and it still feels and looks incredible. If you`re considering experimenting with this, I recommend it.Well made, comfortable, smooth. Nicely weighted to slowly fall into place on it`s own (never force it). Great for beginners and those testing waters on their own. Highly recommended.

  6. The size and weigh of this is perfect. Use plenty of lube and it will slide it self completely in. The smooth beads feel great, and the diameter is just right to give plenty of sensation without any discomfort.

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