Free products:Eastern Delights Elite 3.25 Inches, Hollow Stainless Urethral Penis Plug – reviews Amazon

Eastern Delights Elite 3.25 Inches, Hollow Stainless Urethral Penis Plug

Please clean and disinfect before and after use; large size is not suitable for beginners to use
material: 304 grade stainless steel; minimum width 7 mm/0.28 inches; maximum diameter 10 mm/0.40 inches
size: total length 86 mm/3.37 inches, insertion length about 71 mm/2.8 inches
packaging ingredients: 1 urethral penile plug
note: Import; 100% new packing; dimensions may not be exactly the same as those given in the list. They may be slightly different

7 thoughts on “Free products:Eastern Delights Elite 3.25 Inches, Hollow Stainless Urethral Penis Plug – reviews Amazon”

  1. Incredible piece of jewelry indeed!!!I decided recently to `upgrade` and add to my penis plug and sounds collection. I chose three new pieces, and this is is the largest diameter of the three. I anticipated working up to the plug, but, after opening the package, I could hardly wait!!!Two attempts, but the third time did it!! That`s not to say it slipped in all by itself as I needed to guide the plug and twist it like a screw a few times.It`s in and IT HAS A NEW HOME RIGHT WHERE IT IS!I slept with the plug fully inserted last night and work up very aroused. I guess that is not a bad thing at all. After some time, I should be able to slide it in and out for some additional stimulation!! WOOF!I`ll keep you posted, and let you know how it goes!

  2. First things first this item is beautiful! It is well crafted and highly polished as one would expect. It has a fantastic weight to it and it doesn`t feel light and cheap. Also this thing is big. If you are just starting to venture into this exciting playground this probably isn`t for you. Find a smaller item and try it. You can also get a set of urethral dilators and size yourself up, then get this as a reward for your effort.I have been doing this a while now and I have mine stretch to a 35fr (approx 11.55mm or .45“) and this was a nice and snug fit for me. I plan on starting to size it again but I am in no hurry especially now that I have this little gem.It is VERY comfortable! I don`t even know I have it in (who wudda thought having a large hunk of steel in my penis would be classified as "comfortable" lol). Since I am a grow`er not a show`er this item also gives the added benefit of "shrinkage reduction" W00T! I was worried the first time I went to urinate through it. Some devices like this can cause the stream to "stutter" and that can cause some pain and even bleeding. With this billy club I have only gotten that bizarre effect when I have REALLY needed to go. Other than that one time with that special condition, urination is pain free.I am VERY happy with this purchase. If you can almost fit a Sharpee` marker in you then this, is just for you!

  3. This is quite an interesting sensation! Took a few tries to "navigate" the ridges but this is one of my favorite plugs now

  4. Wow, I`m a beginner so I haven`t been able to insert this beyond the first notch. However, I`m very excited thinking about being able to one day enjoy this thoroughly. It`s a quality product. Love it…

  5. Took a couple tries to get it to go in but once we got it we enjoyed using it. I rate it at 4 stars cause it isn`t for beginners and at times it wants to come out I think that is due to the weight of it as it is a bit heavier than some.

  6. I love the design and weight of this plug! I read the reviews and purchased it because almost every one said it was huge and not for beginners. Since I am a novice and never used a plug, I thought it would be fun to work my way up it. Imagine my shock when I tried it the first time and it slid right in – and then right back out!!! I had no idea my urethra was so big! Had it stayed in, I would have given this 5 stars for sure!! Back to shopping for a bigger plug now… 🙁

  7. Nice solid piece of hardware. Filling each ridge pop past the stricture is just an awesome feeling. Different feeling when you get the threads in there. Nirvana!

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