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  1. At least as good as (and better than most) the typical value-priced paper towels that we`ve used over the years. Is it as good/thick/absorbent/soft as a top-of-the-line, but very expensive, paper towel? Of course not, but they are absolutely absorbent and feel nice enough for general bathroom use. When the Queen visits, buy the good stuff, otherwise these are fine…Update after a couple of month`s usage: These are really nice paper towels. I`ve been paying more attention to the towels in other places that I happen to use the bathroom, and none of them are as nice as these, especially the softness of the paper. On second thought, even the Queen will like these…

  2. WOW! Finally a disposable towel that looks nice, feels good, absorbs well but doesn`t break the bank! TheseGenuine Joe GJO21100 Multifold (tri-fold) white towels are actually white, not dingy, and much softer to the touch than any others we`ve tried yet are heavyweight with a sturdy feel. They do not fall apart even when used to scrub and no lint or tiny pieces laying under the dispensers either. One to dry your hands is enough if you`re not picky about a very minute amount of moisture remaining without shaking first or two for a complete in between the fingers no shake overkill dry. If your shaking first you will only need one towel. There are 16 packs of 250 towels in the box. Packaging is in form with shipping paper towels. Because these perform well in every area you would expect in a quality product you use far less. After using this product for two months in an heavy traffic office/warehouse setting I can confidently say I am very pleased with this purchase and will be reordering.

  3. These towels are narrower than the standard size. I use it in the Georgia-Pacific Combi-Fold Vista C-Fold, Multifold Dispenser. Fits, but doesn`t look too pleasant aesthetically.Single ply usually implies flimsiness and minimal absorbance, which translates into double the amount of towels used and thrice the amount of waste. Hence negating any financial savings. So I ordered this item a bit apprehensively, trying my luck.I was pleasantly surprised. Despite being single ply, these towels are surprisingly absorbent and they don`t have that flimsy weightlessness that I found in other cheap single ply towels.Pros:Great price, surprisingly (relatively) strong and absorbent.Cons:As stated in product description, the width is 9.5 which is narrower than standard. It might stand out in a standard sizes transparent dispensers, but it does the job and will wipe your hands dry (some adult males might require more than one ;)Despite being surprisingly absorbent for a single ply towel, its still not as absorbent and "comfortable" as brand name (and far more expensive) multi of c-fold towels.Summary:If value for your money is your objective, this is a great choice. Does the job for a great price.

  4. Less goes to waste, quality paper towels, we are saving hundreds a month with switching to genuine Joe multi folds. Previous manager at my business opted for the big rolls of paper towels that pull down from the dispenser and is torn off by hand. We were going through at least one pack of 6 rolls per week. Each pack was about $30. I decided to spend $14 for a Kimberly Clark multifold dispenser. The Genuine Joe paper towels fit perfectly. Now, we spend about $20 for a case of paper towels that lasts us at least one month! They`re sturdy enough to where just one paper towel will do the job. They`re gentle enough that I use them at home as well. Great buy!

  5. Out of the 5 paper towels I have used, these are the best value. They are fairly thick, but when you have the dispenser full you should use two hands to pull them out. other than that, they do their job well. I like that they are white instead of the light brown like they used in my grade school 🙂

  6. I live alone so I bought these towels for my home use. I am so glad I did. They arrived on January 26. IOpened a package and today May 22 I opened my second pack. 4 months.They are white, strong , lint free, and you don`t have to rip them off of a roll of paper t owels. I use them for everything. Drying hands, dishes, spills, windows, anything I can think of. Even worked when I had a cold. Never go back to paper towels.

  7. With trying to find a decent multi- fold paper towel, that children can easily pull out of the dispenser without ripping, I decided to give these a try, based on reviews. I am so glad I did! They are less expensive than the ones I had been buying and are much better! As you can see in the picture, they are bigger than what I was getting. They are also very soft and durable. I was going to go back to going to a wholesale club where I can buy Scott brand but didn’t want the inconvenience of going there (their shipping was too expensive). Well these are actually better than Scott brand. I just hope the price stays comparable and doesn’t sky rocket. I strongly recommend these!!!UPDATE: Just a few weeks later and exactly what I was afraid of happening, happened. The price shot up from $19.50 to over $25. Although a good paper towel for the original price I paid, I will not continue to buy if over-priced. Took away a star for this. Hopefully they will redeem themselves!

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