Free products:NutraBlast Boric Acid Vaginal Suppositories – 30 Count, 600mg – 100% Pure Made in USA – Boric Life Intimate Health Support … – reviews Amazon

NutraBlast Boric Acid Vaginal Suppositories - 30 Count, 600mg - 100% Pure Made in USA - Boric Life Intimate Health Support …

FINALLY, SAFE & EFFECTIVE NATURAL SUPPORT FOR VAGINAL CONDITIONS! – Are you sick and tired of struggling with odors, burning, itchy, unbalanced discharge, chronic recurring vaginal conditions, vaginitis, bacterial vaginosis, bv, Gardnerella vaginalis, acidic vaginal fluid, dryness, or any other vaginal health condition? Don`t leave these issues untreated and restore your normal vaginal pH balance levels – it`s time you take care of your wellbeing, once and for all!
FEEL HEALTHIER & REFRESHED WITH OUR BORIC ACID SUPPOSITORIES! – The over the counter OTC NutraBlast pharmaceutical medical grade Feminine Boric Life helps support pain relief and irritation quickly and efficiently! Designed by modern women, for modern women, the NutraBlast boric acid vaginal suppositories contains 600 mg (recommended dosage) of 100% pure boric acid powder. It is absolutely safe to use, acts as a cleanser, and balances women`s ph level.
FAST PAIN RELIEF THAT PROMOTES A HEALTHY pH BALANCE! – Our feminine Boric acid suppositories capsules support vaginal health by balancing your pH level, soothing irritation, itching, eliminating bad odors and smells, relieving itch and supporting your overall vaginal health! Simply insert 1 NutraBlast Boric acid suppository capsule per day into the vagina using an applicator or your finger before bedtime for 7 consecutive days. If the symptoms persist, repeat for another week.
100% MONEY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! – When it comes to women`s health and well-being, we don’t take any chances. We confidently back our tested and approved Boric acid vaginal suppository pills with a hassle-free, 60-day full-refund guarantee! After all, these tablets made with the best ingredients, and are the best feminine wash hygiene odor clean product and pH Balance product for women`s lady parts. Great benefits for your vag!
LEGAL DISCLAIMER – These statements have NOT been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any of the following conditions, contagious diseases, treatments or infections: recurrent yeast infection treatment, vaginitis treatment, bacterial vaginosis treatment, bv treatment, bacterial infection treatment, bacteriosis treatment, fertility treatment

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  1. I muѕt ѕау I am nоt someone thаt dо роѕt reviews but thіѕ рrоduсt really wоrkѕ…I have bееn dеаlіng wіth vаgіnаl іtсhіng аnd dіѕсhаrgе and уеаѕt infections frоm taking tоо muсh antibiotics. Even wеnt through a rоund оf BV frоm tаkіng so muсh yeast іnfесtіоn mеdісіnе. Nothing seemed tо work but this рrоduсt hаѕ been a lіfе ѕаvеr. I have bееn free frоm all thоѕе since I started using thіng рrоduсt. This рrоduсt is rесоmmеndеd as a рrеvеntіvе mеаnѕ аnd аlѕо a means to cure Yеаѕt іnfесtіоnѕ аnd BV.

  2. I started the Boric Acid suppositories along with the VH Essentials prebiotic suppositories last night to help combat chronic BV. I inserted both after my shower and laid down for a few hours of tv before bed. Just a warning, you WILL need to wear a pad or pantyliner as you will have watery discharge from this. The thing I noticed about the discharge though is that I could smell the infection in it. I know that sounds gross but that discharge is literally taking the infection with it when it leaves your body!! I did a quick rinse of my stuff this morning and I wiped my outer flower with tea tree oil. I feel so much more `fresh` down there today than I have in a while! My plan is to do these nightly for a week then if I still have any symptoms I will do them for another week. If I am clear after a week I will stop. Then for maintenance I will do them once or twice a week from here on out.I will update later to let you know how it goes but as of right now I would definitely recommend these supplements to anyone with BVUpdate: It has now been over a month and I am happy to say that I haven`t had any BV issues!!!!!!! And I was more of a chronic extreme case. I feel so RELIEVED knowing I have found something that relieves me of it!! What I did was insert a Boric Acid and a vH Essentials 15 Prebiotic Vaginal Suppositories, together for 3 nights straight. I wiped with Tea Tree Oil in the morning (that is amazing) and then I skipped a night and then did one more. By that time I felt normal again so I didn`t go any longer. I have had intercourse with my bf and also been waxed (that always flared it up) since then and still no symptoms! I cant say I will never have any issues anymore but if I do notice any symptoms I will use this same routine.The only other thing I did along with the Boric Acid was the first night I douched with Distilled water, baking soda and tea tree oil. I did this before I inserted the capsules.

  3. I`ve dealt with BV and Yeast infections for months. They would come back every two months even if I had a perfect diet (kale smoothies every morning, eating salads throughout the day, etc) I would take the antibiotics I was prescribed but having no days off working and going to school full time… I just didn`t feel good and was always afraid once I was better that I would get symptoms again. At first, I thought my longtime bf was the reason why I was getting these issues. But honestly, I think the antibiotics they give you only for for a short time to fight the infection instead of curing it.I have been using this every night for the past 7 days as it states on the bottle. Before taking these, my vagina was itching… And none of the over the counter products like monistat was working. By the 3rd day taking these, I felt sooo much better.ONE THING I LOVE ABOUT THESE PILLS IS THAT, they don`t only work to fight the infection but they litterally make your vagina feel like it should. More wet (great for sex) my man has already complimented me. I`m gonna try these over other night for another week, and every two days after as it says on the bottle to prevent anything from coming back. Some people also said to use these after sex which I will do. I will update you guys on my progress and let you know if the infections come back!Hey y`all, it`s been months! Said I would update y`all on how it`s turning out. I still have my IUD, and have no gotten any infections AT ALL! I used pretty much the whole bottle for one month and now I`m perfectly fine. My vagina feels much better and I haven`t had to use these after sex anymore. They worked!

  4. I think I should post this because I believe it will help tons of women.. I have been diagnosed with recurring bv for years since I was 18. I am now 25 and I have had horrible effects from the prescribed anti biotics. I have recently suffered metronidazole/Flagyl toxicity so I was looking for a more holistic, non oral consumption. My bv symptoms are typically bad odor, heavy discharge, itching, pain during intercourse, and just super uncomfortable feeling. I insert one of the capsules, by hand, before I go to bed. Maybe sure to wear a pad or panty liner bc it can get messy. Honestly you can physically see it working. The capsule dissolved and pulls out the discharge with it! And you will notice results in Little as one day. I use it about 3 times a week when I have bv, and once a week just as a pre caution or if I’m going to be having a lot of sex lol. It restores my ph. The smell is gone, and honestly I’m confident. For years. I would have to go months avoiding sex bc I was so embarrassed and I struggled to find anything that worked or actually really kept the bv away until I tried this. I’ve tried apple cider vinegar douches, garlic cloves, honestly you name it I was desperate. Its honestly a life savor. I really think it would be good for yeast infections too, though I haven’t had any need for that yet. My boyfriend has even gotten more adventurous in the bedroom now bc all my symptoms are gone!! I cannot take antibiotics anymore due to my toxicity so I’m really happy I found this. The only reason I’m giving it 4 stars is bc it can be dangerous if you are pregnant and can result in an early miscarriage. So just be careful 🙂

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