Free products:StrawExpert Set of 16 Reusable Stainless Steel Straws with Travel Case Cleaning Brush Silicone Tips Eco Friendly Extra Long Metal Straws Drinking for 20 24 30 oz Fit Yeti Tervis Rtic Tumbler – reviews Amazon

StrawExpert Set of 16 Reusable Stainless Steel Straws with Travel Case Cleaning Brush Silicone Tips Eco Friendly Extra Long Metal Straws Drinking for 20 24 30 oz Fit Yeti Tervis Rtic Tumbler

【Premium Material】These drinking straws are made of GENUINE premium, silver-colored 18/8 stainless steel.Unlike other cheap straws that look a little yellow with thin wall thickness and low weight, the wall thickness of our straws is 0.5mm. They are very strong, not too heavy or too light.
【High Quality Polishing】With our unique polishing technique, the surface of our straws are well polished, very smooth for your lips and hands to touch and it is easier to get the silicone caps on/off than other metallic staws. Our metal straws have smooth rounded edges at each tip,they won`t cut your lips or gums by accident even without the silicone sleeves.
【Safe to Use and Environmentally Friendly】These sustainable straws and the covers are made of food grade stainless steel and silicone,FDA approved,no metal aftertaste, BPA free,lead free, non plastic,non toxic.They are extremely durable,dishwasher safe,washable,rust and scratch proof. One stainless steel straw can last for years and replace hundreds of plastic straws for you.
【Variety Pack and Shape】the various sizes give you many different cup options you could use them with.8pcs ultra long 10.5 inch straight and bent straws for 24 oz,30 oz,32 oz and 34 oz tumblers,8pcs regular size 8.5 inch straight and curved straws for 16 oz and 20 oz mugs or water bottles.Compatible with Yeti rambler,Rtic, Artic,Ozark trail, Mason Jars and Starbucks Venti cups. These tall straws are perfect for drinking cold bevarage,cocktail,coffee,iced tea,soda or any other liquid drinks.
【Awesome Accessories】SILICONE COVERS – They keep your lips from getting too cold or too hot and protect your teeth and lips from chipping.There are eight different silicone top colors to serve as identifiers for your family. SCRUB BRUSHES – With the 2 extra long 9.5“ cleaner,you can clean the inside of the recyclable straws from top to bottom easily.PORTABLE CARRYING POUCH – This kit includes a helpful travel case so you can bring some of your reusable straw with you on the go.

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  1. I love these straws. The pack comes with several different lengths and types (some straight, some bent). I use these with my Tervis cups and they work very well. The little plastic tips that fit on the straws end are great for keeping your teeth from hitting the metal. The straws and the tips are easy to clean with the included brushes. I was going through a lot of plastic straws before I bought these. I can see them lasting a long time.

  2. The awareness of the dangers and waste of plastic straws in the environment is spreading. I bought these so I don’t contribute to that. DON’T buy steel straws without the silicone tops! They protect your lips from extreme temps. This set also includes a carrying bag. Stop using plastic straws and use these as an alternative! I gave some to kids and they love them! They are easy to carry in their backpacks and they won’t break or bend. Cleaning is easy! I highly recommend!!

  3. I like to make sure I buy products that don`t cause environmental harm and plastic straws are a huge culprit. Any small steps I can take to reduce the amount of garbage my home/family generates I`ll take them. I keep a few in both cars so trips to the drive-thru are covered. I just tell them I don`t need a straw so I`m not responsible for it`s disposal. I like that there are multiple sizes and colors of silicone tips. I`m happy with this purchase

  4. We love these! I just wish the travel bag came with 2 sides, one marked clean straws and the other side marked dirty. I always feel strange just having dirty straws loose in my bag.

  5. I`m not sure if I had forgot or just didn`t pay attention when I ordered but there was more than I expected in the package (I see the qty of 16 now). Everything arrived in plastic packages so you have to put the drinking tips on the actual straw yourself. If you aren`t picky as to which color is on which size this is an extra step that might not be needed. Otherwise it let`s you customize the looks. They even came with a cleaning brush which I thought was the coolest!!

  6. I appreciate having both bent and straight straws in the two lengths as it helps choose the one best suited to the situation. The silicone tips are good for me – they have enough give without being too soft, and they stay put unless you are trying to move them. I would still consider the tips a choking hazard since they will move with effort and could be pulled off. The straws themselves do get hot or cold like the liquid but the tips offer a bit of a buffer for that. I have used these with hot tea and as long as the tea itself was drinkable temperature, the straws with tips worked just fine for me.I did find it a little odd that this product came in a plastic wrapped box and the tips came in two plastic bags (2 sets of 8 colors) considering its eco-friendly nature.

  7. I purchased these straws before I found out I was having surgery. I have to wear a hard collar for eight weeks now. Without these straws I would have ended up using about 10 straws a day and increasing the amount of hospital waste. We won`t even think about how difficult drinking fluids would be at home during my recovery. They have even made taking my liquid pain relievers easier since I can`t tilt my head. Thanks to the straws I have added zero waste to our landfills and maintained a very clean and healthy intake of liquids. I will recommend this product to others.

  8. These just arrived and I have not used them yet but I love them! I plan on ordering another set to make sure I always have plenty of straws. I plan to keep half of these in my car and half in my house for right now. I bought these to try to stop using plastic when I get a straw with take out.Eventually I would like to always remember these and say no plastic straws please.Edit:I’ve had these for a few weeks now. They are easy to clean and use. Some of the rubber ends do not stay on the straw. Just the pink ones. Getting used to the feeling of the rubber on my lips was weird but honestly it’s no big deal using them with or without the rubber. The straws are smooth so no cut gums or lips. Just don’t buy these if you or your children chew straws, clearly. Overall a great buy.

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